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What can I buy second hand or donate to second hand stores

Second hand shopping is one of the best ways you can save money when raising a family. It is ten times cheaper to buy clothing and toys second hand than it is brand new. There is nothing wrong with buying second hand clothing and everything sold in a second hand store is properly checked and ensured safe for sale. So what all can you buy in a second hand store and what can you donate to help them?

Kids are constantly growing and in need of all kinds of clothing, shoes, toys and more. Second hand stores get charitable donations of all kinds of children’s items each day that other kids have outgrown. By buying these items second hand you are contributing to great charities that serve your local communities. By dropping off clothing donations or items your children have outgrown or no longer enjoy you are also helping others support their families by saving money on very important parts of raising kids. Not only are you helping those who shop the store but you are helping whichever charity is being supported by the funds raised. You can get a receipt for your charitable donations if they are quite large to save for tax refunds. You can even arrange a charity pick up where the store will come to your home and grab the clothing and items to be donated.

Household items are a must have for any household. You can find nearly everything you need for day to day life at a second hand store like:

* dressers
* couches
* carpets
* lamps
* bedding
* dishes
* decor
* tables
* chairs
* shelves
* and much more

We all require these basic household items to live normal lives and buying them second hand can save you thousands of dollars. You can furnish your entire home using nothing but second hand purchases and it will look beautiful. You can find many different styles, colours, brands, and even some antiques to deck out your decor. If your thinking of moving the best way to downsize or rid yourself of any extra pieces of furniture is to turn them into charitable donations for others to enjoy. This saves you a trip to the dump and will help a family who is not looking to buy brand new. The average person creates nearly 4.5 pounds of garbage each day – close to 1.5 tons of solid waste each year.

Extracurricular activities are so expensive for both kids and adults these days. You can find second hand equipment for all sports including golf, basketball, skating, tennis and many more. Cleats, roller blades, gloves, bats, and many other essential sporting equipment items can cost a pretty penny, buying them second hand is a great way to save. If you found yourself getting tired of a certain sport or simply clearing the clutter from the garage you may as well make them charitable donations and help someone else enjoy the sport.

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