Four Reasons People Regret Their Vacation Rental

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Are you researching rental condos for vacations? If you have a week or two off work and want a really great adventure, renting condos for vacation is the best way to go. You have to stay somewhere, but hotels are a big bummer. They all look the same; with no personality at all. You could stay at a hotel in London, San Francisco, and Timbuktu, and there will be literally no difference between them. Hotels give you approximately zero point zero square feet, which is uncomfortable on a good day. If you have a family, forget about it!

Meanwhile, securing condos for vacations is a great way to go. Each vacation rentals is as unique as the destination you are visiting. If you have children and pets, renting condos for vacation gives you all space to stretch out and enjoy yourself. Also, when you travel, there is only so much restaurant eating that you can enjoy. Sometimes it’s nice to make a home-cooked meal and enjoy the sunset by the ocean. While that is impossible if you stay in a hotel, most vacation condos offer full kitchen amenities.

However, not all vacation rentals are created equally. Before signing the dotted line on condos for vacation, make sure you check out our list of common mistakes that make travelers regret their choice of accommodations.

Four Mistakes People Make When Booking Condos for Vacation

  1. MISTAKE: Trying to secure a vacation condo at the last minute.

    The best vacation condos get snatched up months in advance. If it’s a great place to stay, it will not be available for you to stay at next Tuesday (and if a condo has ample availability, this might be a red flag). When you plan out your dream vacation, start by finding the condo of your dreams, nail down the dates that work for you, and then make other travel arrangements. Start this process as early as you can to snag the best condo.

  2. MISTAKE: Not considering additional fees.

    Every condo rental will have its own fee structure. Some condos require a cleaning fee. Some condos do not include parking in their base cost. Some condo owners ask you to pay a deposit that will be refunded after your stay is concluded, to ensure there is no damage to the property. These are all reasonable costs, but can really take a chunk out of your vacation budget if you do not plan for it. Make sure you ask about any additional fees you might be expected to pay before you sign the dotted line.
  3. MISTAKE: Assuming the condo is fully-stocked.

    Many vacation condos offer everything your own home has for you to prepare and eat your meals. Some condos provide toiletries like shampoo and conditioner, just like a hotel. Some condos provide the equipment you’ll need for common outings in the area: mountain bikes, kayaks, surf boards, and such. However, some vacation condos expect you to provide any necessities that you will be using, down to your toilet paper. The important thing is that you know what your condo does and doesn’t provide for you before you pack your bags, so you don’t find out the hard way that you don’t have toilet paper!

  4. MISTAKE: Neglecting to read reviews from other travelers about their experience.

    When you research condos for vacation travel online, it is easy for the condo owner to only display it in the best light. You aren’t physically there to look at the unit in person, until you begin your big vacation. Your best friend in ensuring your vacation condo is just as perfect as you imagine is reading reviews from other travelers who have stayed there.

    Keep in mind that some people are impossible to please. If a condo has a single bad review, that should be considered normal. However, if ten reviews say that the condo was filthy and the customer service provided was poor, you should probably keep looking for a vacation condo. Looking for a condo that has more positive reviews than negative is a good approach.

Have you ever stayed at a vacation condo? Do you have any tips for finding the best condos for vacation? Please share them in comment section below.

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