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Want To Quit Smoking? Try Electronic Cigars

Disposable e cigs

Have you tried to quit smoking but found that nicotine gum just wasn’t cutting it? You’re not alone — many Americans are trying to curb their habit, for many reasons ranging from price to health concerns, and more are turning to electronic cigars as their more practical alternative. Disposable electronic cigarettes have a host of benefits you won’t find in your average pack of smokes and, best of all, can get you on the fast track toward a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment. Keep reading to learn more about electronic cigars, how they work and why vaping is becoming the next big thing in health.

Quick Facts About Electronic Cigars

A recent study found that people who wanted to quit smoking were far more likely to stop with the aid of a vaporizer compared to the more traditional nicotine patches or gum. Another study from Belgium found almost half of all its study participants reducing or eliminating their tobacco use after eight months of vaping! The health risks of smoking cigarettes is fast becoming less appealing for Americans under a rapidly shifting and expanding cultural and economic landscape. There are over 60 different chemicals found in cigarettes known to cause cancer and millions of people in the U.S. have contracted illnesses related to smoking, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, lung disease and heart problems. Even secondhand smoke is known to increase the risk of cancer — taking up vaping protects not just yourself, but others.

How Do Electronic Cigars Work?

It’s estimated there are over 2 million e-cigarette users in the U.S. and that number only continues to grow as the benefits of vaping reach all corners of the country. Electronic cigarettes don’t use tobacco, thus eliminating the common hazards of secondhand smoke, and instead vaporizes simple liquids like vegetable glycerin or glycol to curb your habit. E-liquid bases are simple, clean and commonly used in many well-known pharmaceutical formations. There are even many vaping flavors for sale, with fruit being the most popular with buyers at 31%, desserts at 19% and spicy/savory at 5%. A heavier wallet and a healthier you are only a smart decision away. What flavor of e-cigarette are you thinking of buying today?

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