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How You Can Do A World Of Good With A Simple Phone Call Charitable Clothing Pick Up Services

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Doing good doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, a little compassion can be incredibly easy.

Look no further than charitable donations to put a smile on someone’s face. Today’s America is one becoming ever more keen on not just closing the gap between the haves and have-nots, but clearing up an environment that gets more stressed out by the day. When you donate your clothes you do the combined work of giving back useful items and materials to your local industries while keeping harmful waste out of landfills. The best part? That’s not even the end of all the benefits you can glean from a quick trip to your community charity.

Here are five wonderful positives you can give to yourself and others when you start donating clothing to charity this year.

Help Children In Need

Children in need clothing is in higher demand than ever. When the season takes a turn for the cold and children are struggling to get the gloves, coats and scarves they need to stay warm, your donations can mean the world to a struggling family. Back in 2011 an estimated two million tons of clothing and textiles were recycled or sent to a charitable donation in the United States. While these are impressive numbers, your donation pick up will go a long way in making these even higher.

Clear Out The Environment

What else can children in need clothing and military donations do? Cleaning up a burdened environment isn’t a bad place to start. The average American will toss around 80 pounds of textile waste every year, with the majority of this going straight to landfills that only get higher by the day. Landfills are highly toxic and take up a lot of precious space, harming both animals and nearby communities. Just how bad is it? If every American recycled a mere one-tenth of their newspapers we could save over 25 million trees.

Improve Your Mental Health

Yes, donating children in need clothing can even improve your mental health. Besides the warm feeling you get from helping out those with less, reducing clutter in your home is closely tied into better emotional health. Back in 1930 the average American owned nine outfits or so. These days that number is much closer to 30, with all the clutter that comes with the title. Crowded closets, dirty floors and an overall unsightly environment can take a serious toll on your mood and increase your rates of anxiety and depression before you know it.

Save On Your Taxes

Tax season is never without its stress. Take a bite out of your frustration by helping families in need and getting back a little green. All you have to do is send children in need clothing to a nearby charity and keep your receipt close on-hand when you file your yearly income. It’s estimated as many as 80% of donated clothing in the United States is actively used by charities to give back to families and individuals in the community, so make sure whatever you offer is gently used. That means no holes, tears or burns!

Help Out Your Neighbor

When it comes to it…it just feels good to do good. Donating your used clothes means a lot to the environment, your wallet and your neighbor. The average American will purchase over 10 pounds of previously used clothing each and every year, so that pair of jeans that no longer fit or that sweater you don’t like anymore could become someone else’s treasure. You can even do some extra good by talking about your charitable donation on your social media account or sharing with friends.

Look into organizations that pick up donations and give them a call. Amazing how something as simple as a few shirts you no longer wear can do a world of good.

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