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Helpful Hints for Picking Your Wedding Venue

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Getting ready to tie the knot? Even though you’ve probably been planning for this day since you were 10, there are still quite a few decisions to be made. You need to pick your dress, choose your bridesmaids and even decide whether or not you want a themed wedding (don’t laugh, about 25% of couples do now). One of the more difficult decisions you will need to make is choosing the event venue. There are so many different options when it comes to wedding venues that it can give you a headache just thinking about it. Here are some things to consider to help you narrow down your choices and eventually choose the perfect place to celebrate your big day!

  1. Home or Destination? – The first thing to think about is if you want to stick around your (or your fiance’s) hometown or have a destination wedding. This will obviously determine where you search for potential event venues. Once you’ve decided the geographic location of your wedding, you can move onto the next step.
  2. Indoor or Outdoor? – The next thing to consider is whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding. This will depend on the time of year and location of the wedding, but it is still an important factor. If you choose outdoor, you will need a large lawn area and most likely a tent. If you choose indoor, you’ll probably be renting a banquet hall. Either way, with nearly 2.5 million weddings in the U.S. a year and 30% of brides planning their weddings 7-12 months in advance, you need to start looking early because both outdoor venues and wedding banquet halls fill up quickly!
  3. How Many Guests? – Last, but certainly not least, you need to know how many guests you are inviting. This could drastically affect your options, because some places are not equipped to host large parties. This is especially true if you are renting a banquet hall, because often times indoor space is limited. Outdoors might give you a little more flexibility, but it will still affect the size and number of tents you need.

Now that you have some helpful hints to help guide you through picking a venue, you’re that much closer to your big day! So start planning early, and remember that, while wedding planning can be stressful, it should also be fun! For more, read this link.

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