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Important Considerations in Selecting Your Brand’s Celebrity Endorser


Everyone today seems to be privy to and knowledgeable of the latest Hollywood gossip and urban news. We constantly hear about celebrity births, marriages, and divorces on a daily basis. We follow our favorite celebrities every move. The public?s attention to celebrities makes them great product endorsers. If a well respected celebrity wears a specific brand or product, that product is also likely to be well liked. Newer brands that are attempting to grow their awareness and loyalty can significantly increase their business by choosing the right celebrity endorser.

Choose someone with a positive influence
When you are using a celebrity for an endorsement, it is important that you choose one with a positive message. If the celebrity is constantly getting into trouble or bringing about negative publicity, that same publicity is transferred to the brands that they endorse. The urban news community has many positive influencers to consider.

For example, celebrities like Beyonce, Oprah, Will Smith, and Jay Z are well followed black celebrity news role models. Jay Z earned his 11th number 1 album on the Billboard 200 with The Blueprint 3. This allowed him to beat out Elvis, for the record of most number one albums by a solo artist. Celebrity endorsers such as Jay Z provide good brand recognition for products.

Choose someone that make sense to the brand
A positive influence is not everything in choosing the right celebrity for a product endorsement. The specific celebrity should also make sense to the brand. If you are attempting to increase brand recognition for sporting equipment, choosing an urban news musician may not be ideal. In this case, it would be more influential to choose a sport figure. For example, in 2014 to 2015, Floyd Mayweather was the highest celebrity earner, with an annual income of 300 million U.S. dollars. Floyd Mayweather would be an appropriate sporting endorser.

Choose someone that is current
Current celebrity news leaders are the best endorsers. Although celebrities who were once famous may still fulfill endorsement needs, it will not be as successful as someone who is currently in the spotlight. When you choose someone that is popular today in entertainment, you are likely to get more awareness. The more that they are videoed, photographed, and interviews in your product, the more sales that you are likely to receive.

The biggest struggle in choosing a current urban news celebrity is not knowing where their image will go. They could make a wrong step in the media?s presence and become a negative influencer. Carefully consider the life career, the personality, and the temperament of the person you want to represent your brand. Choosing a celebrity that later receives negative celeb news can quickly destroy a brand.

Choose someone that represents your target demographics
Most businesses have a target marketing demographic they want to reach. This may be a group of people that support their product more frequently, or it might be a group that they are currently not successfully reaching. Either way, choosing a celebrity endorser is a great way to reach out to this untouched market. If you want to extend your clothing line to include sporting apparel, bringing a public and popular sporting celebrity on board can be very helpful. If you want to increase your TV station to the younger generations, hiring a younger celebrity endorser can achieve this.

Celebrity endorsements are a common type of marketing. However, careful consideration needs to go into the selection of the specific celebrity endorser. A 2011 study by Harvard Business School concluded that signing a big name endorser increases a company?s sale by $10 million annually and spurs a 0.25% increase in stock returns. Choosing the right celebrity endorser can also increase brand recognition, brand loyalty, and can market to untouched demographics of a specific market or customer type. Just be careful who you select, the celebrity endorser is a spokesperson for your brand, and the actions they take will directly affect the success of your business.

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