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Create an Exciting and Memorable Send Off with Wedding Sparklers

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While June and October are the most popular months for weddings, couples do get married every month. If you’re planning an elegant evening wedding, with your reception going on into the night, there are several touches you can add to make it even more memorable for you and your guests.

Nearly half of couples planning their wedding choose ivory and white for their decor. If you’re planning to have a wedding sparkler send off, these colors will add another layer of excitement and ambiance.

A wedding sparkler send off is also a fun and elegant way to mark the finale of your celebration. These wedding sparklers can also create a magical and romantic atmosphere for your wedding photos.

Traditional sparklers only last for 45 seconds, but even the shortest wedding sparkler will last twice as long. There are three sizes of wedding sparklers, each with their own burn times:

    10 inch sparklers: two-and-a-half minutes
    20 inch sparklers: two-and-a-half minutes
    36 inch sparklers: almost four minutes

Are you thinking about using these sparklers during your ceremony as well as for your send-off? Depending on how many guests you plan to have, if 75% of them have a sparkler, that should be enough. However, if you want each guest to have one of these quality wedding sparklers, then the 20 or 36 inch lengths are recommended. Since the 36 inch sparklers last the longest, you might want to chose those instead.

These wedding sparklers only need to be lit once, and they have a long handle that provides protection. It’s also important to note that these are not intended for children to use, so if there are any children present at the wedding or reception, it’s important to ensure they are being supervised at all times.

Curious about how these wedding sparklers are made? They have a stiff metal wire that has been dipped in a slow-burning pyrotechnic batter, and then dried. These are also smokeless sparklers, so you don’t need to worry about smoke bothering your guests or interfering with your wedding photos.

Once you order these wedding sparklers for your wedding or as a contribution to a family member or friend’s wedding, you can cross them off your lists of things to do.

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