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Why Crocodile Skin Shoes Are a Statement

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Crocodiles are large, aquatic reptiles that reside in the tropics of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. They are considered to be the closest reptile to dinosaurs and are ferocious predators, relying on a more developed array of senses than most of the fish and mammals that they hunt.

Crocodiles are also known as a danger to humans, especially within Asia and Africa, where the West Nile crocodile and others kill hundreds of people each year. While their prey vary according to continent and are based on the size of the crocodile, the largest crocodiles are known to take on large mammals such as wild buffalo and even dying elephants and hippos.

It may be that dangerous aspect to them, the fierce hunter and predator, that makes crocodile skin a statement of status. While there are obvious appeals to the skin itself, including the color and the ridges, luxury crocodile skin shoes present a fashion statement that this person is, in fact, legendary enough to conquer a crocodile.

Crocodile skin is considered a luxury fabric to form materials out of. It has been used for handbags, wallets, belts, and even briefcases. The skin itself is exceptionally tough, able to survive even brutal stretches of weather, which crocodiles often do. And beyond skin, the meat of crocodiles is considered a delicacy in many places, with the meat and skin being farmed commercially around the globe.

Those that are interested in luxury crocodile skin shoes may find that acquisition while searching for other high-class shoes, such as leather oxford shoes, Italian loafers, and other exotic shoes like alligator skin shoes. While all of these generally present material that is long-lasting and durable, the statement of financial wealth may seem the above all reason to purchase these items.

However, it is often dangerous to hunt crocodiles as their ability to attack is sometimes quicker than a person’s ability to react. They also stay low in water for great lengths of time before attacking prey, showing a certain patience that perhaps their cerebral cortex and four-chambered heart allow.

A key point to consider when purchasing luxury crocodile skin shoes is the vendor. Around the world, there are many who sell imitation crocodile skin shoes at a steeply discounted price, though some may try to pass them off as the real thing and sell at that price too. Understanding where you are getting your merchandise, doing quality research, and trusting your vendor before purchasing are key parts to getting the product you desire.

Men’s crocodile shoes and men’s alligator shoes stand out for their coloring and pattern. Often, the ridges in the skin can make what seems to be a three-dimensional shape on the shoe, which is appealing. For others, the network of ridges add more than texture: It’s an element of coolness not seen in other types of shoes.

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