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Three Easy Ways You Can Negotiate a Better Price on Furniture

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Furniture is third most expensive investment a person can make in life, and it needs to be taken as such. Though many homeowners think it’s most cost efficient to get the cheapest living room furniture they can find, it’s actually much more practical to spend a bit more upfront on furniture and get more years of use out of them. Otherwise, the living room furniture will wear out or break, and need replacing.

Essentially, spending more on living room furniture at first saves money in the long run.

That being said, the economy is still sluggish. Many can’t quite afford to spend extra on their furniture, so they cut deals as best they can. The key is to get the highest quality, modern home furnishing products at the lowest price possible.

In order to do that, you need to know how to negotiate. Here are a few tips to help.

Ask For More Than You Expect, and You Might Get It.

One of the most important and simplest bargaining tactics is to ask for more than you might expect. For example, a store is selling living room furniture sets at 15% off. You tell your salesperson that you’ll only buy if it’s 30% off the discounted price, when you’re really happy to take it at the price it’s already at. The salesperson thinks for a minute, speaks to their manager, and then gives it to you. Simple as that. Not every situation goes as perfectly as that, but it works more than you might think. The key is to go well above what you really want, and know how low you’ll go.


Flinching is a great negotiation tactic. By physically reacting to whatever offer the salesperson gives, you implicitly tell them through body language that you’re uncomfortable with their offer. It shows shock and surprise without having to say anything. The salesperson will do one of two things after you flinch. Either they’ll try to rationalize the price of the living room furniture they’re offering, or they’ll concede a better price.

Know When to Walk Away.

As much you may love a certain piece of living room furniture, you need to know when to walk away if the price just ins’t right. There are other stores out there that will be more willing to work with you. Know what you’re budget is, and never go against it.

If you negotiate well, you can get living room furniture at a pittance of what you might expect. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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