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As you grow up, you may find it harder and harder to find good gifts for your parents. For one thing, the macaroni art your mom and dad once cherished doesn’t quite cut it anymore! For another, as people get older their tastes tend to change. Many people find themselves wanting fewer trends and more comfort when it comes to their clothes — especially their pajamas. That may be why the pajamas onesie is becoming increasingly comfortable not just in the young crowd, but among older people as well. Instead of buying your mom or dad another generic gift that will end up in storage, maybe you should consider something both useful and creative — something like the pajamas onesie.

What Is The Pajamas Onesie?

When you talk about footed pajamas for adults, many are initially confused. It’s true that in the past, footed pajamas were typically seen as something for children. And yes, a pajamas onesie is pretty much exactly what it sounds like! But there are many reasons why they’ve grown in popularity among adults. Frankly, these pajamas may actually be more suited to sleep-deprived adults than babies in the first place. The average American gets about eight and a half hours of sleep a night, with only four in 10 Americans getting the recommended amount of sleep. Babies, on the other hand, sleep about 14 to 17 hours per day. And sure, a part of that is owed to the fact that babies have a lot less to do than the rest of us — but they’re certainly more comfortable in their pajamas than we are in ours! An adult onesie puts a new meaning in the phrase “sleeping like a baby”, and this has a particular appeal to retirees.

What Are The Benefits Of Adult Footed Pajamas?

Besides providing a better night’s sleep, you’ll find that there are many benefits to adult footed pajamas — especially when they’re given as gifts. As a single set of pajamas in one garment, they equal less washing for your parents to do. Furthermore, as most people re-wear their pajamas multiple times before putting them in the wash, this cuts down on the amount of work involved even more. As they provide a good amount coverage, these pajamas are also good for a day of comfortable, relaxed lounging around the house. Of course, aside from comfort, footed pajamas provide the major perk of added creativity. Many find that they’re sick of boring old pajamas, especially as they find themselves getting older and valuing comfort over “sexier” looks. Footed pajamas are a return to childhood in the best possible way, letting people add some creativity to their sleeping habits. As a gift, they show that you care and aren’t just grabbing something quick and easy at the store. You’ve put some thought and humor into your gift, and for many parents that means the world.

How Do I Buy Adult Footed Pajamas?

Unlike footed pajamas for children, adult onesies typically aren’t going to found in the bargain bin of your local store. They’re usually found online, where you can personalize them to varying degrees. There are a wide selection of sizes available; some choose to go a size up when ordering footed pajamas just to allow for extra room and comfort. Certain companies allow you to choose the type of fleece used in the set of pajamas. All will provide a wide range of styles and designs. You could opt for your parent’s favorite solid color and play it safe; or you could go for a fun print if that’s the kind of thing they like! Some people even like to wear footed pajamas in animal prints! The options are endless, and it will be easy to find something to suit your mom or dad’s personality.

The most important thing to remember when choosing adult onesies for your mom and dad is to have fun! This gift is supposed to be about comfort and de-stressing — so think about getting a set for yourself too!

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