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Why Cut Your Hair When You Can Sew In Natural Hair Extensions?

Natural hair and weaves

There are an infinite number of hairstyles, and many women are dedicated to trying as many as possible. Citing boredom and also an inherent need to be creative and different, the average American woman can expect to change her hairstyle over 100 times over the course of several decades.

There are over 650,000 licensed hair stylists working in the United States, and the industry as a whole generates billions yearly. One of the newest hair trends goes beyond color and style: sew in hair extensions are woven into existing hair.

These weaves or extensions can add inches to short hair, can drastically change a woman’s color and style, and can be removed and changed as needed to keep up with fashion trends.

A quality hair salon can handle any texture or length of hair. The popularity of natural hair style weaves is not confined to any particular ethnic group. Many women want longer hair, or short hair styles in unusual colors. Many women get hair extensions and beauty or styling services due to age-related hair loss, or out of a desire to grow short hair slowly and out of sight.

Some women are turning to extensions and natural hair style weaves because they no longer wish to straighten their hair. Weaves or extensions can be sewn into short, natural hair without having to apply any chemical processes.

Some women who are used to relaxing and straightening their hair find that after several years, their hair will show some damage, dryness, or breakage at the root. Taking the time to regrow their own hair, without chemicals, can improve the quality of their hair in the long term, and some women use natural hair style extensions to cover their hair while it is starting to grow back.

In the last few years, many more salons are offering hair extensions. Depending upon the length, color, and texture of the hair desired, prices can vary. Synthetic hair tends to be cheaper, while human hair can be more expensive.

What women choose depends upon the hairstyle they want and how long they intend to keep the weave or extension sewn into their hair. Women all across America are trying weaves and natural hair extensions, and the results are beautiful.

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