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The Shimmer and Shine from the Depths Below

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Whether it is a girl’s best friend, or one in the rough, the often coveted sparkling stone always catches the eye in some way or another. Diamonds have been adorning humans for about as long as the species first discovered a love for decorating with shine and shimmer, and when those first rocks were uncovered from the earth, there was no turning back. Many a diamond buyer will lust after the biggest and shiniest, and of course the purest dazzling diamond, as they can often be symbols of status and wealth. But it is worthwhile to consider the path of the beautiful rock, and what exactly it is worth.

To sell a diamond ring that began beneath the earth’s surface

Whether you are looking to sell diamond jewelry
to a diamond buyer for some significant cash in hand, or deciding which diamond piece fits your collection, you should know how that precious piece of earth got to where it is today. There was a time that people did not care where their luxury items came from or who was hurt in the process. Sadly, some people still carry that mindset today, but there is a bigger push now for globally conscious and humane tactics for obtaining such things. More and more diamond buyers and sellers will insist on proof that the merchandise is conflict-free. It does not matter how beautiful or valuable something is if it comes at the cost of human lives or if the quality of life for any person is affected in any negative manner.

How would you feel if that rock on your finger was the result of workers being forced to dig and mine the earth in awful conditions in order to fund a war or insurgency? Educate yourself on where the diamond has come from. This should be your first priority.

The beauty of the sparkling diamond
The path of a diamond is really quite remarkable, and only adds to its magnificence. It was about 3.3 billion years ago that diamonds first began to form down in the depths of this spinning planet of ours, amidst all that heat and pressure. We’re talking about 320 miles down, is where the crystallization happens, and then those precious gems are carried to the surface by way of rock and volcanic pipes. Diamonds are known to be the hardest material on earth, another dazzling detail that adds to the enticement.

About 130 million carats, which is about the equivalent of around 26 thousand kilograms, are produced from mines across the globe. And the industry of diamonds sees about ten million people employed in some way, whether in mining, creating jewelry, inspecting, or selling.

But perhaps the most influential and important person in the whole process is the diamond jewelry buyer. A solid 80% of polled millennials have expressed that only responsibly-sourced jewelry is worth purchasing, and while the national average looks more like about 66%, the key is that consumers are making their voices heard: those beautiful diamonds should be properly mined, sold and distributed, or it is not worth it.

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