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Three Tips to Help You Arrange Furniture in a Small Living Room

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Fitting larger, living room furniture sets into smaller spaces can seem borderline impossible at times, even if you’ve carefully measured everything. Don’t give up, though. It might seem hopeless, it’s far from impossible.

Here a few tips to help you arrange your living room furniture in a smaller room.

Place Your Largest Piece of Living Room Furniture First.

First things first, you’re going to want to get your largest piece of living room furniture in. A good place to put it would be against the longest wall in your living room, though it can certainly go other places to. The thing about putting this piece of living room furniture against the longest wall is that it won’t make the room feel even smaller. If you put it someplace else, its perspective may make the space feel more crowded. However, sometimes it’ just not practical to put it there. The point here, though, is that you need to get your biggest piece of living room furniture in.

Fill in the Rest of the Space With Accent Furniture.

Once you’ve got your biggest piece of living room furniture in, it’s time to arrange the rest. Place them about three or four feet away from the sofa, and turn them so that they’re looking towards the same focal point. Then, fill in the rest of the space with accent pieces. A small table between the sofa and a chair will serve both, while also filling in that particular spot so that it feels full, but not crowded.

Consider Dividing Your Living Room Into Zones.

If your living room is long, but not too wide, you may want to consider using your living room furniture to divide it into different zones. Instead of putting your sofa against a wall, place it in the middle of the room, where it’ll divide up the space into two zones, but wont’ block the doorway. Then, arrange your other pieces as you see fit.

Even if your living room is tiny, you can still arrange your furniture so that it’s full and happy. If you have any questions or any modern home furnishing ideas to offer, feel free to share them in the comments.

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