DIY Floral Arrangements for Your Weddings

Many people consider the Christmas Holidays as a season to be truly merry. This final month in an often hard year is perfect for the expression of love meant to endure. There is, indeed, no better time to have a wedding than on this festive month. The 44, 230 weddings held during this month is a sure testament to this preference. A wedding is an event that should be the expression of beauty in life. Flowers are a vital component of the perfect wedding.

Flowers in a wedding are primarily a symbol of the fragility of life. In most plants, the flower is an aspect of the plant for only a short period. The flower enables the plant to bring forth new life. This fact applies to significant life events that are short-lived but portend long-lasting implications.

However, you need not spend lavishly to get the best wedding flowers for your event. This article will show you that DIY wedding flower packages do have a place in a modern weddings.

The DIY wedding flower packages enable you to define a crucial aspect of your wedding. The floral arrangement tips below will allow you to come up with stunning DIY wedding flower packages.

Get the Right Flowers

Freshly picked flowers will retain their color and firmness for up to three days. You, therefore, have ample time to prepare your DIY wedding flower packages. Start by purchasing fresh flowers with particular emphasis on bright colors. The ideal colors for a wedding are red, pink, yellow, and white. Your DIY flower bouquets should include roses, tulips, lilies, buttercups, peonies, hydrangeas, and freesias.

However, you can also go for a few dark-colored flowers. Such flowers are ideal for creating contrast in your DIY flower centerpieces. Violets, hyacinths, and pansies should serve this role adequately. Make sure to make slating cuts on stem ends before placing the flowers in a vase of water. The freshly cut stems will allow the flowers to draw water and thus retain their freshness.

The total number of DIY wedding flower packages will determine the number of flowers that you end up purchasing. Bridal bouquets are the smallest floral arrangements. A single bridal bouquet will use up no more than five flowers with medium-sized blooms. DIY flower centerpieces, on the other hand, will use up to forty flowers with average-sized blooms.

DIY Flower Arrangement Design

It is ideal to have a specific design in mind before you begin flowers in your DIY flower arrangement. This tip might unnerve you, but there is nothing to it. Diy floral arrangement design is a matter of trial and error. You will need a pair of pruning shears for this task. A good pair of scissors should also prove adequate.

The first step is picking the overall shape of the arrangement. Basic floral arrangements designs make use of concentric circles, squares, and rectangles. It is best, to begin with, simple circular design and then modify the designs as your skill grows.

Start by choosing a circular container adequate for a large circular floral arrangement. Begin placing large flowers on the outer perimeter of the circle and work your way inwards. Once the outer periphery of the arrangement is complete, choose a different colored flower for the next inner circle. Alternate the colors and shades for each successive ring in your design.

Complete your DIY flower centerpiece by incorporating dark-colored flowers at critical points in the design. The result will be a stunning, one-of-a-kind DIY flower arrangement masterpiece. Creating your first floral artwork will encourage you to try out other designs. Pick a square-shaped container for a concentric square design and follow the steps mentioned above. You can also experiment with stars, letters, and even names as part of your design.

In Conclusion

Opting for DIY wedding flower packages offers two main benefits. First, you get to make savings by foregoing the expense of hiring professional floral design services. Second, you get to engage in a relaxing activity of creating beautiful and symbolic DIY floral bouquets that reflect your own preferences.

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