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Everything you Need to Know About Table Skirting

When you have an event, whether it is a wedding, birthday party, or any other party, you want everything to look splendid. One way of conveying a message without saying a word is through color. If you can perfectly blend colors at your event, you don’t have to worry if the theme of the event has been communicated to your guests correctly.

One of the best ways to make color speak volumes for you is through table skirting.Here’s why you should consider table skirting in your next event.

Table Skirting has Infinite Uses

Table linens are not a reserve for particular events. No matter the event you are hosting, you can never go wrong with table skirting as long as you choose warm colors. It’s an excellent way to divert everyone’s attention to the surrounding.

Table Skirts can be Paired with Ease

There are other ways of accessorizing your table with other items such as table toppers and linens. The good thing is, all these can go well with your table skirt. Therefore you don’t have to forego any of them.

Fix your Boring Table

If you feel like your tables are not elegant enough, there is nothing to worry about. With table skirts, you can transform your tables from ordinary to stylish in a few minutes.


In the market today, you can get skirting made from polyester. That means that you can clean them without them shrinking, fading, or snagging. The fact that they can retain their original condition makes them last longer, giving you value for your money.

You can Play With Colors

If you are in the décor business, you know that color plays a vital role in every occasion. You also understand that different events call for a different decorating style. It would be stressful trying to get different furniture for various functions.

With table skirting, you can turn the same furniture into different themes by playing around with colors as well as designs.

No More Ugly Legs

In an elegant event, you don’t want ugly table legs sticking out. Since cutting them off is not an option, you can use table skirting to cover them up beautifully.

Easy to Install

It would be embarrassing if your table linen fell off in the presence of your guests. To avoid such disgrace, ensure that you firmly hold the table skirting in place. To do so, you can use table clips and forget about it. When the event is over, you won’t struggle to bring them down also.

How to Choose the Best Table Clip

No matter how elegant your table skirts are, if you use the wrong clip size, you won’t get the desired results. Different tables will require different sizes of table clips. For accuracy, take time to measure the dimensions of your table edges before investing in clips. For this step, you can decide to use a ruler or a tape measure.

Since you might have many tables sometimes, ensure that you record the measurements somewhere to avoid confusion later. If you notice any weird ledges on your table, be sure to notify the professional for assistance. Describe it

While recording measurements, also specify whether the table is rectangular or circular.

Advantages of Using Tablecloth Clips

Although there are other methods of fastening a tablecloth, table clips are the best. They do not cause any long term effect on your table. All you have to do is clasp them on or off when necessary.

If you decide to use staples, you might end up poking holes on your table, as well as your table cloth. Similarly, using adhesive-backed hooks can leave a residue behind. The hooks also lose some stickiness, becoming less effective in subsequent uses.

If you have an outdoor event, you don’t have to worry about the wind since table clips got you covered.

Attaching the Table Skirt

To avoid inconveniences, ensure you have adequate clips beforehand. You can even have extra ones just in case the need arises. However, at least one clip for every foot of skirting should be enough.

You can buy commercial-grade plastic tablecloth clips. They are perfect for picnics, especially since they are light and crystal clear.

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