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Why You Should Choose Faux Burlap Fabric for Your Event

is burlap fabric washable

Burlap is a coarse woven piece of cloth that features an array of weave patterns. The fabric is made from jute plant skin and comes with natural beige color. Burlap is used to make tablecloth, storage bags, ropes, nets, and rugs. Burlap is an incredibly resilient fabrice, which is why it has been used for storage, shipping, and a myriad other industrial purposes for generations. However, it gets dirty easily and has an earthy smell. Therefore, most people prefer using faux burlap fabrics. People find themselves resorting to using faux burlap when they ask is burlap fabric washable?andnbsp;

Why Faux Burlap Tablecloth is better than Original Burlap tablecloth

Natural burlap fabric is unsuitable for kitchen use because of its rough and coarse texture. In addition, it tends to get dirty very easily. But here is the worst part. The fabric cannot be washed using a washing machine. If you wonder is burlap fabric washable, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, it is not easy to wash burlap. It needs to be done by hand and air dried.

Faux Burlap fabric, on the other hand, is easy to maintain. It also requires minimal maintenance. The fabric is machine washable and dryer safe. This means that you can wash and dry the piece of cloth in all machines. Faux burlap fabric is also resistant to wrinkles. That means you can pull it right out of storage and use it for an event without having to iron or otherwise prepare it. Thanks to its softness, it will give you a smooth and stylish finish. The earthy, natural and rustic features make faux burlap fabric an astonishing material. It is elegant and simplistic at the same time. That is why it is used for nature-themed and rustic events and home décor.

Other reasons why Faux Burlap fabric is better than jute or natural burlap are;


Jute exudes a distinct “burlap smell”. The odor is something in the neighborhood of chemical and gasoline smell. Faux burlap fabric has no burlap smell.

The biggest setback of jute burlap fabric is that you cannot machine wash it unless you want to risk running your fabric. Although a coarse industrial fabric, you may be shocked at the answer to the question of is burlap fabric washable. Not many people are looking for an accent fabric they have to wash by hand. Faux burlap fabric, on the other hand, is dryer safe and washable in machines.andnbsp;

Another drawback of jute is that it sheds and produces burlap lint since it is made from jute plant fibers. Faux Burlap fabric is pretty much softer than jute which is fairly coarse.

Polyester cotton and linen tablecloths come in a wide array of colors, sizes, and design. You, therefore, need to ensure you match them with the interior of the event theme. Faux burlap fabrics, on the other hand, is perfect for any event theme. You can use them in celebration, parties and official meetings. They have a clean and formal look. Since they usually have a brown color, they give your room a rustic appearance.

The rustic look is not only a unique decorating style but also provides a friendly pattern suitable for any occasion. Thanks to the rustic style, faux burlap fabrics have gained tremendous popularity over the recent past. In addition, they are affordable. They enhance your interior décor by creating a relaxing aura. The earthy color adds a touch of nature that provides positive energy that revitalizes physical, spiritual, and mental health. It gives that earthy element instead of an artificial appearance.


Another interesting feature of faux burlap fabric is that it lasts longer. It is resistant to damage which makes it durable. Since the fabric is washing machine friendly it is much easier to maintain than natural burlap fabric. Both burlap fabric and faux burlap fabric share the same benefits of an industrial fabric. They are both resilient to wear and tear. That means they can be used for long periods of time without deteriorating. The faux burlap fabric comes in variety of sizes, styles, and shapes.

Uses of Faux Burlap Fabric


Burlap fabric provides an elegant setting for your table. It produces a unique and pleasant theme. Using this fabric offers a rustic, yet sophisticated touch to any place setting.andnbsp; And since it is washable, your napkins can be used for a long time to come.


Weddings should make guests feel welcomed as they come to send their well wishes to the newly wedded couple. If you have an anniversary party, wedding or any other party, you can use burlap fabric as a setting or background for a well-wishes board. It is a creative way of adding unique touch.andnbsp;

The porous structure of burlap, and faux burlap, make it an ideal covering for corkboard. You can create unique looking displays with minimal effort. And, in addition, the fabric will not be harmed and can still be used for a variety of purposes.

Jute burlap is made from fibers of natural plant. It has several undesirable attributes. First it is prone to shedding, it is coarse and has subtle blemishes. It is also not friendly to washing machine and produces a distinct scent. Faux burlap fabric, on the other hand, is made from polyester. Therefore, there is no shedding, scent, imperfection, or coarse texture. You can also launder the fabric practically in-home washing machine. Try faux burlap fabric and you will be glad you did.

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