Three Tips to Help You Make a Great Shirt Design

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Thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to get custom designed tee shirts printed. Although the T shirt printing services can vouch for the quality of their apparel and inks, they can’t necessarily vouch for the quality of your design. Even if you choose the finest material for shirts and the best kind of ink possible, your custom print tees might still come out looking less than attractive.

Though these services can work with you to improve your designs, in the end it’s up to you to make a really great design. So, here are a few tips to help.

Do Something Different.

How many of those “Keep Calm and [Do Something Related to the Event]” shirts have you seen? While these might seem fun and inclusive, the truth is that the second that cultural fad becomes passe, so too will your custom print tees. Do something different. Be original with your design.

Keep It Simple.

The best designs are often the most simple, minimalistic ones. Some of the most memorable tee shirts of all time have pretty basic designs, like the I <3 NY shirt or the Che Guevara shirt. Though these two designs came out decades ago, they're still worn today simply because their minimalistic design is still attractive. So, keep your original custom print tees' design simple.
Make It Appropriate.

Think about the reason why you’re making custom print tees. Is it for a fundraiser? For work? For a family function? Should you be more formal or can you get a little creative? When designing your shirts, it’s important to remember who will be wearing them, where they’ll wear them, and why they’re wearing them.

Whether you want custom print tees to commemorate your family reunion, to celebrate a national holiday like Independence Day, or even just to give as a gift, T shirt printing services can quickly and affordably help you create some awesome apparel. Just be sure to use these design tips when crafting your custom print tees See this reference for more.

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