Snap Away But the Pro Photo is the One Worth 1,000 Words

Professional photo books

Photographs are powerful. And if a picture says a thousand words, imagine how valuable that image is to all facets of marketing. In a world where photos are so easily taken and shared, it seems like professional photographers and professional photo editing might be out of a job; but on the contrary, studies show that photos taken by professionals are twice as likely to be shared on social media and that the average person can tell a professional photo from a user-generated photo with 90% accuracy.

What does this mean for online marketing? Well, for one thing, recognizing the value of a professional photograph is crucial, as well as the value of photography touch up services. Since many of the targeted market of people can tell a professional photo from an amateur one, it stands to reason that this translates into an understanding of quality. Professional photo retouching is something that the public often cannot identify, and therefore can be used to make a photo look as good as it possibly can. The only downside is that if people do find out a photo is retouched and therefore inauthentic, that can have an even worse backlash than if the photo was left alone.

The real estate industry benefits greatly from high quality photography, since this is the first interaction that a potential buyer has with a house, with the Internet being used by 92% of those looking to buy a home. There seems to be a positive variable with professional DSLR photography on all fronts of real estate, with homes selling more easily and for more money, including hard to sell million dollar homes, if they were photographed well.

Images circle the globe, with 1.8 billion being shared every day. The power of a photograph seems to be still growing, but with an understanding that a professional photo is always better. The only way to improve upon that is with photography touch up services, to essentially use technology to preserve the highest value of the photograph.

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