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What Are The Latest Hairstyles For Women?

Awesome womens hairstyles

“I need a haircut! What are the latest hairstyles for women?”

There’s no need to get nervous! There’s plenty of time for you to figure out which style speaks to you as you transform your life one makeover at a time. Getting a trim or trying out a new color is a fantastic way of shaking up your look and helping you feel better about yourself. Every salon is hard pressed to keep the latest hairstyles for women readily available, so you won’t have to worry about your options when you sit down in that stylist chair. The list below will give you some useful tips on narrowing down your particular style, so wipe that sweat off your brow and get reading!

New Hairstyles Are Always In

We’re constantly changing our hair. We put it up in a ponytail when jogging, fluff it up for a date or twist it in a bun to study. When it comes to hairstyles? The United States is home to thousands of awesome (as well as cringeworthy) trends over the years. It’s been found the average woman will average over 100 different hairstyles throughout their lifetime. The latest hairstyles for women are interesting in that many incorporate a retro look with a modern touch. Which one will be your next great hit?

Determine Your Hair Type

Got straight hair? You likely won’t have to worry overmuch about how your hair will lay on your head after a heavy trim. For those with wavy or curly hair, though, it can help to determine your unique texture so you won’t leave the salon feeling worse than you did before. Curly hair is incredibly varied, ranging from loose ringlets to bouncy coils to flyaway fluff. The best hairstyle for your head shape is one that compliments your natural waves. Shrinkage is a major problem that can be easily remedied with having your hair cut while dry — if you cut it while wet you’ll find yourself feeling uneven in more ways than one!

Tap Into Your Inner Desires

The latest hairstyles for women are just about as varied as we are. We do it to get a fresh start on life, while sometimes we’re simply bored and want to try something new. An interesting study found over one-third of women will change their hairstyle or dye their hair after a break-up or a divorce. Another significant amount will do so to cover up the onset of gray hairs. Whatever you want to get out of your nice fancy hairstyle should be tuned into your deepest desires, even if it’s something as simple as liking what you saw in your favorite magazine!

Stay Simple For Newcomers

Let’s steer clear of the rainbow stripes to start with. Going all out on a new hair color can be tempting, especially if you’ve been stuck with the same boring ‘do for years, but you could end up going the opposite direction with a massive makeover. Dark brown is the color of choice for over half of all women. Put this side-by-side with the recent statistic that over 70% of women will color their hair in some form. Where do you go from here? If you’re blonde you can try a dark brown to shake up your look with a natural tweak, while the more experienced can try a rosy tint or some highlights to step out of their comfort zone.

Try Out These Fun And Trendy Ideas

“How can I get the perfect hairstyle?” Look no further than inward! The latest hairstyles for women are only as good as your personality and what you want to see the most. Bangs are making a huge comeback for all hairstyles, with shorter-than-average bangs perfect for straight hair and fluffy bangs a cute touch for curly hair. Blonde highlights are starting to be replaced for ombre dyes and tip touch-ups, so try those out for size if you’re still not wanting to do an all-over color. For those that are eager to transform their hair from top-to-bottom? Dark brown, rose gold and vibrant reds are great ways of staying bold without going too crazy.

Let’s get you that hairstyle you’ve always wanted this year!

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