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Ladies fashion handbags wholesale

Are you looking for a new bag to hold all your important items and accessories? If so, you may want to consider cheap wholesale fashion handbags. There are, after all, various handbag styles and handbag designs from which to choose.

The purpose of the handbag has evolved over history. In the 15th century, they held medicine, religious paraphernalia, and even seeds. Women and men a like used them. In the 1800’s, a handbag used by a woman typically held pencils, a compact mirror, smelling salts, and handkerchief, and a comb.

Nowadays, the American woman typically has a handbag that weighs three pounds. It is also usual for a woman in America to have six different handbags in her possession.

If you are seriously thinking about getting a handbag, there are certainly designer handbag options out there. In fact, a study showed that more than 20% of women would pay extra money for a handbag if they could get even one accessory with it.

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