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What to Expect When Selling Old Jewelry

Around the world, precious metals and stones have long since been highly valued for their beauty and expert craftsmanship, and they often fetch high prices. Today, many people around the world can afford to buy jewelry such as rings, earrings, diamond rings for getting engaged, necklaces, and even piercings. A buyer may look for exactly what they want at a jeweler or even submit a design for a custom piece of jewelry. But what if the guest wants to sell jewelry instead? You, the jewelry owner, can sell your diamond ring at a diamond ring buyer, and a pawn shop is not needed for this. You may find an engagement wedding ring buyer at a local market, and this ranges from “we buy diamond jewelry” shops to small jewelers who may buy goods from guests. You might look up “diamond ring buyer near me” online, or “selling a diamond ring in Boston MA” to get started.

Finding a diamond ring buyer means more than offering the ring in a box, though. You should sell your diamond jewelry and other goods after their have been examined by experts to determine their condition and value.

Jewelers and Diamond Ring Buyers

Gold, silver, and precious gems are nearly always somewhat valuable, but their exact value will vary based on factors such as condition, gem flaws, craftsmanship, and more. None of this should be taken for granted, and an expert jeweler may help you tell apart a fine gem from a shoddy one, and know whether gold is fairly pure or not. Fortunately, someone looking to sell a diamond ring or similar jewelry can visit an expert jeweler first, who will examine the jewelry under a microscope.

What will they look for? A jeweler may determine the quality of a gem’s cut, as the original artisan may have done a fine job, or a shoddy one. An expert will best know the difference. Not to mention the diamond’s own quality, such as whether it has cracks, cloudy bits, or internal flaws. Take note that truly flawless diamonds (rated FL) are extremely rare and expensive, and everyday customers are very unlikely to have them. There is a whole scale for this that a jeweler will refer to, ranging from FL, or flawless, down to I (included, meaning a lot of major flaws). A gem may often rank somewhere in the middle, such as VVS (very very slightly included) or VS (very slightly included). Some flaws are minor enough so they are only visible under a microscope, and a jeweler will do just that. The fewer and smaller the flaws, the more valuable the diamond (or other gem, such as rubies).

This, and an evaluation of the ring’s body itself, will help you determine a fair price for a diamond ring, earrings, or similar jewelry before looking for a seller. You wouldn’t want to guess low and lose money on a sale, and a too-high price will deter buyers. But a fair price may be offered by jewelers or shops that buy jewelry, and the owner may sell them right then and there. In other cases, jewelry owners might sell their wares online to private buyers, and ship them in watertight packaging with padding inside. Padding will prevent the item’s gem or gold from getting dented, scratched, or cracked during transit.

Gold and Silver Goods

You can follow a similar process for evaluating and selling items that are made of, or coated with, silver or gold. Many people own such items, which are often antiques or family heirlooms. Gold and silver are too soft to make items, so they are often used as alloys for toughness, such as sterling silver. Items such as photo frames, lighter cases, watches, hand mirrors, tea sets, trophies, and of course jewelry may be made of gold or silver, and an expert should be consulted before selling an antique. An expert may determine the item’s age and rarity, and evaluate how pure the metal is (the more pure, the higher the value). The expert will also check for blemishes or tarnishing, and determine the level of craftsmanship, with shoddy goods going for lower prices. An owner may bring or sell these items at trade shows, or sell them online.

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