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Tips for the Proper Care and Feeding of Your Hiking Boots

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People love to walk. It has now been found to be the most popular aerobic physical activity. It has been reported that at least 60% of all adults walk at least ten minutes each week. As any walker or hiker will admit, keeping your feet happy is a key part of making a walk or hike enjoyable and will keep you from quitting before you want to. Experts say that you are doing well if you can get 500 miles from your footwear. Whether you are talking about adventure shoes, casual hiking boots or waterproof hiking boots for women, taking care of them is one way to keep them comfortable and make them last a lot longer.

What You Should Do With New Waterproof Hiking Boots:

  • Since they are already in good shape, taking care of waterproof hiking boots for women, for example, is incredibly easy to do. Despite this, there are some steps you can take to keep them in the best shape possible.
  • Do not put any products on them when you get them home. Unlike some other kinds of boots, most walking boots and hiking boots are treated before they are made so you do not need to add anything.
  • Most waterproof hiking boots come with instructions for their care. Read them, keep them and follow them. The manufacturer of waterproof hiking boots for women know the best way to keep them in great shape, listen to them.
  • If you do have a problem with some areas while breaking them in, you can use a boot conditioner on those areas. This can help the area in question more flexible.
  • Make sure your break in your boots before you go on any kind of hike. Your feet will hate you if you skip this step.

What You Should Do With Used Waterproof Hiking Boots:

  • Once your boots have gotten some wear and tear, they need a little more TLC. Some people do not think it matters but it can extend the life of your boots. Just because the waterproof hiking boots for women are older does not mean they cannot benefit from some care.
  • Do not leave your hiking boots in a place where they can be exposed to severe heat. This includes the trunk of your car. You should store them at room temperature.
  • Clean off your hiking boots when you get back from each hike. This does not have to take a lot of time. Just grab a brush and use some water. Any caked on mud is bad for your boots.
  • Take out the insoles. Your hiking boots will dry out faster if you remove the insoles after a hike. Keep them out for at least a day.
  • Periodically use waterproofing products on your waterproof hiking boots for women. This may seen counterintuitive but the waterproofing that is put on by the manufacturer will wear off eventually.

There are some things that everyone should do for their boots after a hike. While people are hiking, their hiking boots are subjected to moisture, dirt, grime and grit. Often, there is organic matter in the dirt and grime. Between the organic matter and the moisture, the lifespan of the hiking boots can be reduced significantly. These steps should be taken after every hike to keep the waterproof hiking boots for women in their best shape.

  • Start by removing the laces. It is impossible to do a really complete cleaning job if the laces are still in.
  • Take a soft brush and use a gentle motion to get rid of any dirt. Some experts in hiking use old, soft toothbrushes but others use brushes that were designed for boots.
  • Use a gentle cleanser and some tepid water. There are a few cleaners that can be used. They include saddle soap, boot cleaner or dish soap.
  • Vinegar and water will kill mold. It is not uncommon to have mold on hiking boots. Take a mix of 20% white vinegar and 80% water. You can also use tea tree oil and water, which works well.
  • Let your boots dry naturally. Some people try to use heating sources but, if it is possible, you should let nature take its course.

Keeping your feet happy will make you hiking trips a lot more enjoyable.




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