Three Tips for a Classy Backyard Reception

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The cost of a wedding ceremony is egregious enough to make a couple want to elope, adding a wedding reception to that and two tickets to Las Vegas are a potential alternate purchase. There are several methods to whittle down the price of a reception, while still maintaining elegance in the affair. Backyard receptions are one method of achieving this goal, but it is important to keep style in mind when choosing this option to avoid the result looking cheap. From the best ways to guard against the elements to the wedding sparkler send off, these three style tips will lay the foundation for an elegant backyard reception.

  1. Rent a Tent: Having a tent offers a number of advantages to a backyard affair, without being especially expensive. They provide protection from rain, harsh sunlight and the errant, cup overturning breeze. Add their benefit in providing a place to hang decorations and the result is a priceless reception addition.
  2. A Place to Dance: As a matter of importance, a dance floor is directly behind a tent for any backyard reception. On a practical basis, a dance floor will be easier for the ladies wearing high heels to manage than the average lawn, plus that lawn will be saved a mauling by those high heeled shoes. The effect of a dance style on the overall style of a reception should not be discounted either. This addition will lend an air of class and professionality to the final result.
  3. Use Light to Your Advantage: From fairy lights to smokeless sparklers, the various lighting options available are elegant decorating choices for any reception when employed wisely. Hanging string lights from the interior of a tent and any greenery that will bear the weight adds a lovely effect, as do votive candles and other small flames. Smokeless sparklers, which range in size from the smaller 20 inch sparklers to the more impressive 36 inch sparklers, are another reception favorite due to their unique visual impact.

The style tips here are only the beginning when planning for a backyard reception. However, by prioritizing these three things, a couple will be well on their way to a reception anyone would envy. More like this blog.

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