3 Tips for Picking Swoon-Worthy Wedding Flowers

Inexpensive wedding flowers

As a bride-to-be, walking into a florist shop for the first time will likely be overwhelming. There are so many flower arrangement ideas running through your head, and your loved ones are reminding you to look for inexpensive wedding flowers first. Keeping your color palette in mind, while sticking to a budget and fending off impulse buys can be difficult, but not impossible. Read on for a few tips to pick the best flowers!

Be Flexible

This will be important regardless of the budget you’re working with. If you go to a wedding florist with a very specific idea of what you want, and you leave no room for flexibility, you will be disappointed. Give yourself the opportunity to work with a wedding florist on a unique arrangement! Or maybe, you’ll walk in and fall in love with a flower that you never thought of. The point is, leave room for spontaneity as long as it fits with the color palette!

Keep the Meaning in Mind

Though most guests will just appreciate the beauty of the flowers, many cultures and parts of history give certain meanings to flowers. For example, red tulips are are sign of romantic love in Russia. Red carnations generally symbolize deep love, while yellow represent dejection and white shows pure love. The Madonna Lily is white and yellow and is almost 3000 years old, making it one of the most well-known flowers. It’s your choice of whether or not to research and follow those meanings, but for some it may be important to have in mind.

Do What Makes You Happy

Regardless of anything else, whether it’s pressure from loved ones or a strained budget, do what will make you and your future partner happy. It’s your big day, and you want it to be incredibly special for both of you. You’ll find the affordable wedding flowers you’re looking for, and they’ll be beautiful. The stress will be over soon enough, and you can happily start married life!

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