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How Your Seamless Activewear was Manufactured

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The explosion of seamless clothing as a popular and fashionable activewear option in recent years has caused many people to adopt seamless leggings and tops without a second thought. Seamless clothes are comfortable, durable, and much less bulky than traditional activewear options.

Many people have adopted seamless clothing into their wardrobes because it reduces chafing during workouts and won’t snag in exercise equipment or bike wheels. Many seamless outfits also carry the benefits of moisture wicking clothes without the extra bulk and seams.

No one denies that seamless leggings and seamless tops make great athletic clothing, but plenty of people take their seamless leggings and tops for granted. Have you ever considered where they come from, and how they’re manufactured?

As it turns out, there are actually two methods for manufacturing seamless apparel. Seamless knitting is a process through which a whole garment is created on a knitting machine. Since it’s all created at once, there’s very little need for sewing up at the end, which results in a lack of seams.

The other technique is welding. In welding, two layers of fabric are fused together using heat and pressure. Ultrasonic heating or high frequency radiation may be employed to fuse the fabric, and thermoplastic films or tapes (also known as adhesive films) may be used to reinforce the weld or weld materials that aren’t thermoplastic on their own.

Through seamless knitting or welding procedures, manufacturers are able to create a piece of clothing without any stitched seams. These pieces of clothing are so comfortable and durable that some have gone as far as to say they may be the future of apparel. Though seamless clothes still have a ways to go before they overtake traditionally sewn clothes, they’re definitely on an upward trajectory.

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