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Three Ways Your Custom Tees Can Grab People’s Attention

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The whole point of making and giving away cheap custom tee shirts is to help spread brand awareness. When people wear these custom tees, they basically become walking billboards for the brand. The thing is, though, these cheap custom tees need to be able to grab people’s attention. If they don’t, then no one will check the shirt out, and no brand impressions will be generated.

Fortunately, there are tons of tried and true attention grabbing techniques brands can use when they design custom tees. Here are just a few.

Go Big With the Graphic.

One easy way your custom tees can get the attention of passersby is with a nice, big graphic. Rather than making your shirt’s graphic or your brand’s logo fit over the breast or just over the chest, why not blow it up so that it fits a majority of the shirt’s front? Anyone who even glances at the person’s shirt can’t help but notice it.

Get Bold With Your Colors.

Another great way to grab the attention of others is with bold colors. Rather than sticking with neutral, safer colors like white, black, or gray, choose some vivid reds, blues, and greens. Now, a word of caution — you don’t want to make your custom tees any neon colors, or anything too bright. If you do, people might not even wear them because they’re so loud.

Leave Them Hanging.

One of the simplest ways to get people curious and interested in your brand is to put half of a fact or statistic on the front of a custom tee, and the other half on the back. You could also pose a question on the front, and invite those who read it to ask the wearer for an answer. For example, your custom tee may read, “Want to now where’s the best burger in town?” (If you sell burgers, that is.)

These are just a few of the ways your custom tees can grab the attention of anyone who glances over, and never let it go. If you have any questions, or know of any other attention-grabbing techniques, feel free to share in the comments.

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