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How to Find the Best Cowboy Boots for Men and Women

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There’s nothing quite like a great pair of cowboy boots, but not everyone knows how to choose the best pair. Of all the styles out there, only so many brands actually specialize in making quality western wear. Finding the best cowboy boots can take time if you’re unsure of where to look. There are also differences in terms of how men may buy western style boots versus how women may shop for a pair of cowboy boots. Here is some general advice for finding a great pair of cowboy boots, no matter what you’re looking for:

For the Guys

For men western boots will vary in terms of functionality. Some may like the look of a traditional cowboy boot with a pointed toe and shinier leather. Others, however, may need a great pair of western work boots for working outdoors, on a ranch or farm, or doing some other kind of manual labor.

One thing to consider is the materials that are used to create the boots. The best cowboy boots will be made out of leather for the upper part. Any synthetic materials are likely to break down over time. Brand name is also important, but above all it is a necessity to examine how you will use these boots in the first place. As with all types of western fashion accessories, consider purchasing from a western wear designer rather than a company that covers all types of styles. Go for neutral tones, like black or brown, to match as many of your outfits as possible.

For the Ladies

In general, women will have far more choices when it comes to finding the best cowboy boots. Color is probably one factor where many will start, and there are plenty of options. From neutral tones to bright colors and patterns, this is a good jumping off point if you’re looking for something that will go with a particular outfit. Next may be heel height. Genuine cowboy boots tend to have a bit of a lift to them, but you can choose a higher or lower option depending upon your own personal comfort level.

Some cowboy boots will be dressier than others. Vintage cowboy boots may also cost more, whereas there are discounted options for popular designers. The advice for men also holds true for women: if you will be using the boots for working outdoors or some type of manual labor, you’ll want a boot that will provide comfort for those activities. Look for authentic western designers, such as Ariat, Cinch, Tony Lama, and Tin Haul boots, among others.

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