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Do You Like Sweets or Spices? Know Your Liquid E Cig Flavors


Electronic cigarettes have been hailed as some of the most effective smoking cessation products on the market for years. According to one study, users were 60% more likely to quit smoking by vaping, or using an e cig, instead than they were by using nicotine patches and gum. E cigs even give users the opportunity to select how much nicotine they need, with amounts from no or low nicotine (zero to 6 or 8 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter of liquid) to heavier amounts (24 to 36 mg/ml).

Yet what many people don’t know is that e liquid, which creates vapor, has more to it than just nicotine. E liquid also comes in more than 7,700 different flavors created by hundreds of brands. There’s something for everyone when it comes to liquid e cig flavors. Here are a few categories you’re likely to see online and at your local vape shop:


Fruit flavors tend to be the favorite among vapers by far. Everything from watermelon, blueberry, and cherry to blends like strawberry kiwi and mixed berry are available for those who like something sweet when they use their rechargeable vapor pens. You can buy single e liquids from vendors and use them in your e cig, or you can create your own custom blends with two or more flavors when you buy in bulk.


Have a hankering for Swedish fish or licorice? How about something that tastes like sweet tarts, peppermint, or butterscotch? You can try all of those and more when you buy your liquid e cig flavors. Manufacturers know that more users want candy flavors, so they’re adding new ones all the time. By some estimates, there are an additional 250 flavors or more being introduced on the market each month.


If you prefer cupcakes to candy, then pastry and other sweet flavors may be right for you. From the taste of warm apple pie to German chocolate cake, e liquid makers are making all kinds of flavors for their customers. If it’s not for sale, you may even be able to request it at your favorite vape shop for the future.


Savory and spice flavors also work well in e cigs. Cinnamon and vanilla are available just as tobacco and menthol flavors are. These tastes may be beneficial for users who are new to vaping, so that way they can use something familiar before branching out to the more unique flavors.

Just Plain Fun

E liquid makers are getting more creative these days and can make flavors for anything. From margaritas and pina coladas to frappuccinos and waffles with maple syrup, there seems to be no taste that e liquid makers can’t replicate.

Many brands will also create their own blends of flavors, giving them fun names that sound a lot more like candy than liquid e cig flavors. Some people may consider these vaping flavors for sale to be somewhat juvenile, but they are preferred by most users. In fact, three quarters of vapers would rather use fun flavors like pastry or candy than tobacco. Have more questions about e liquid flavors? Leave a comment or get in touch with a trusted vaping flavor maker.

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