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Rethinking Nail Art in the New Year With Pink Camouflage

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New year, new you right? Exactly. Ladies, it’s time ditch old fashion trends and explore new ones. 2015 is the year to go bold, experimenting with fierce prints and patterns such as florals, animal prints, and pink camo.

Prints and patterns have long been staple in the fashion industry, however, unlike other printed fabrics, camouflage truly has a unique history. In fact, fashion editors and die-hard fashionistas are reluctant to brand camouflage clothing as a trend, as that would imply camouflage clothes would eventually go out of style. However, everyone and their grandmother seems to be going camo clad, and camouflage clothing shows no signs of becoming passe anytime soon.

Camouflage is all about crypsis, or the ability of an organism to avoid being seen by others by blending into their surroundings. Examples include octopus and squid, stick bugs, and many kinds reptiles.

Taking a cue from their animal counterparts, humans began using camouflage on a large scale during the first World War, when the French armed forces commissioned artists to paint their military vehicles in way that allowed them to blend into the forested landscape.

It wasn’t until battered Vietnam War veterans returned to the U.S. in the late 1960’s and donned their camouflage fatigues while they protested the war that camo clothing began garnering attention. During the 1980’s, camouflage was not only being worn by hunters but by fashion-forward members of the general public.

Fast forward to 2015, and camouflage is everywhere, literally. From European haute-couture, to New York’s distinguished Fashion Week, to the back woods of Appalachia, there’s no escaping camouflage. The pattern has even become a mainstay in the home decorating industry.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why camouflage has become so popular is due to its inherent versatility, which is exactly why colored camo patterns such as pink camo, are enjoyed by so many. For those who enjoy the way pink camouflage looks but are reluctant to rock an entire pink camouflage outfit, why not experiment with nail art?

Over the last few season, it’s been all about the nails. Nail art is becoming just, if not more important than accessorizing. In fact, nails are now seen as an accessory, and manicured digits are bolder and brighter than ever. As such, a pink camouflage manicure is the perfect way to experiment with the pattern without making a long-term commitment.

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