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Fool Proof Style Tips for Rocking Winter Camouflage Clothing

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Fashion is fickle. So fickle that’s hard to keep up with the latest styles and trends. In the wise — and infamous — words of high fashion model turn TV host of Lifetime’s hit series Project Runway Heidi Klum says, “One minute you’re in and the next you’re out!”

However, while trends come and go like the wind, there are a few fashion staples that are here to stay such as as the little back dress, a killer lipstick, dark denim and now camouflage clothing. In fact, many fashionistas and style editors are reluctant to even refer to camo clothes as a trend, as that would imply that it will eventually go out of style. However, it seems that camouflage clothing for men and women is here to stay.

If you’re reluctant to jump on the camouflage band wagon, don’t be. Unlike other prints and pattern such as animal prints or florals, camouflage is surprisingly easy to style due to its versatility and universal appeal to both men and women.

Winter is a perfect time to experiment with camouflage, and what better way to stay warm and look good doing it than to sport winter camouflage clothing?

Winter camouflage clothing doesn’t have to be restricted to the ski slopes, although it is commonly worn there. Both men and women can wear blue or pink camo fleece jackets or pull overs and pair them with denim jeans for a casual, every day look. Camo vests are also popular, and are perfect for those winter days that are slightly warmer.

Don’t forget the accessories. Camouflage hats, gloves, scarves, or even purses — man purses for men — are also a great way to experiment with the camouflage while adding a subtle pop of color. Pair these accessories with other winter camouflage clothing just as a jacket for a cohesive, put together look.

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