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How to Take Care of Your Favorite Leather Dress Shoes

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Since you love to wear leather dress shoes, you probably have several pairs in your closet. In addition to your formal lace-up shoes, such as Derbies and Oxfords, chances are that you also have a pair or two of exotic skin shoes or boots made out of crocodile, eel, or python.

One of the reasons why you may love to wear leather dress shoes is because they are stylish as well as comfortable. Furthermore, they can handle thousands of flexes, which is definitely a positive when you lead an active life.

Another reason why you may love to wear luxury Italian loafers or other styles of leather shoes is because you like to make a statement with your accessories. It’s likely that you have a few wide leather belts in various types of leather along with matching watch straps and wallets.

In order to help your leather dress shoes and boots last longer and remain in good condition, it’s important to keep them on shoe trees. You also want to clean and polish them on a regular basis. Shoe trees help with maintaining your shoes’ shape and they also assist them with drying out more quickly. Since shoes absorb moisture and compress when you walk, it’s important to rotate them at least once every other day. This will provide your favorite shoes with sufficient time to return to normal.

If you’re not sure what type of shoe trees to purchase, there are basically two kinds. Plastic shoe trees are great for traveling because they are light-weight and can be easily packed. Wooden shoe trees, however, are what you want to have at home. This is because wood has the ability to absorb odors as well as moisture.

Have you been keeping your shoes on a metal shoe rack or in some sort of hanging shoe bag? It would be an excellent idea to recycle those items and treat yourself to several wooden shoe racks. Be sure to purchase a few plastic ones, too, so you’re ready for travel.

When you follow these basic guidelines for taking proper care of your quality leather shoes and boots, you will be able to wear them for years to come. Even though fashion trends will come and go, you want to hold onto your favorite classic leather shoes.

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