Finding The Perfect Wedding Planner

Wedding cake flavors

Weddings are a truly wondrous moment to behold. Just like the union between you and your partner, the ceremony itself is carefully composed of many elements to create a harmonious event that lives on in people’s memories. But just like a relationship, there are many ups and downs — over two million weddings are performed each year in the U.S. alone and an almost whopping 50% of all couples spend more than they originally planned for their budget!. When you factor in that modern brides and grooms spend at least $28,000 total, that’s nothing to sneeze at! It’s why wedding planners have become a successful and essential part of mainstream culture and why you should be extra careful when finding yours. Whether you’re choosing an outdoor wedding or are just choosing a wedding dress, here are some quick facts to make sure your decision is a smart AND special one! Quick Figures About Weddings Wedding planners keep population numbers and trends close at hand. Women are more likely to marry a little younger, averaging at twenty-nine, while men marry a little older at thirty-one or so. Any wedding can be any size depending on you and your partner’s preference, but it’s common to have over a hundred members attending the majority. If you’re not religious, fear not — barely above 30% of weddings recently take place in a religious institution and alternatives are quickly becoming a popular choice when sealing the deal with a ring. It’s not even uncommon for couples to opt out of traditional wedding vows — over 50% as of recent years — so don’t sweat it. You’re not doing anything wrong if it’s meaningful for you and your loved one! What Are Common Wedding Choices? A basic wedding will often have brides matching their dresses in both style and color — almost 40% of modern wedding choices — and popular color schemes include white, cream, blues and pinks (the latter being especially fitting if you want kids someday!). A dream wedding starts with a meaningful arrangement of colors that tie literally everything together, from the flowers to the table decorations to the giant cake everyone digs into after the vows. Cake designs have become a mini-industry in of themselves, ranging from classic ornate white confectioneries to pop culture references. While it’s important to be aware of industry trends, also remember that your personal wedding should be just that — personal! Wedding planners, for lack of a better phrase, are icing on the cake. What feels best for you and YOUR future spouse?

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