Pairing Comfort and Style in Footwear

Mens double monk strap shoe

Sometimes it can take awhile to figure out just what to where, particularly if you have someplace fancy or special to be. There is a stereotype that labels women as the ones who take forever to choose an outfit or get ready to go somewhere. And on the one hand, in many cases there is substance to this view, as society has deemed it reasonable for women to accessorize with many different things, from makeup to jewelry, to the right belt with the right shoes with the right handbag.

And yet, men do not necessarily have it easy either. While there may not be the same encouragement or emphasis on men making use of the right accessories, there are times when their overall look is judged or critiqued just as harshly.

Finding the perfect mens sneakers you can wear with suits

While most people might not think that there are acceptable mens sneakers you can wear with suits, fashion, technology, and society in general keeps changing and adopting new standards. Sneakers are generally associated with comfort or exercise, and as such are usually not deemed as the right choice to pair with more formal attire. But if you were to ask anyone if they would be willing to pair comfort with formal wear, the answer would most likely be a resounding affirmative. For this reason, mens sneakers you can wear with suits are likely going to be the next big thing.

Why mens sneakers you can wear with suits are the next step
It could very well be that you have already been to a party or other formal event where someone in attendance was wearing designer sneakers that were meant to masquerade as formal footwear. These minimalist sneakers for men allow for a comfortable foot fall, which is certainly something that most party-goers would appreciate. Many formal events include quite a bit of standing, dancing, or otherwise moving around on foot, and the fact that most formal footwear is designed solely for fashion and not for comfortable function seems a bit backwards.

Hybrid shoes for men and women

If sneakers that pair with suits are the new step for men’s footwear, then surely there should also be an alternative formal footwear for women as well. Sure there is a much larger variety in women’s footwear fashion than in men’s, generally speaking, but there are times that a sparkly ballet flat just is not going to cut it. If a woman can’t stand to wear high heels, then obviously she should not feel like she should have to simply in order to fulfill society’s idea of what her fashion should look like. But for those who love to wear a great pair of heels, there would most certainly not be any resistance if those sky high shoes got a bit more comfortable. What could be a better hybrid than both high fashion and great comfort?

What do your shoes say about you?
About half of the women who took part in one survey admitted that they believe a man’s personality is reflected in his footwear. And sadly, about 65% of women have admitted to insisting that their husband, boyfriend, or partner change his shoes before leaving the house. This clash of society and fashion’s expectations with personal style should be remedied. People should feel free to wear what they want, but to still be able to walk the next day. A lot of things have changed since the very first leather shoe with holes and shoelaces made its appearance in 1790, and it is probably time that some things change a little bit more.

Finding the perfect fit, that also happens to coincide with the fashion and style that you want, should not be such a difficult thing to do.

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