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Five Things to Consider Before Buying Law Enforcement Boots

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Are you shopping for law enforcement boots? Having comfortable boots for the job is essential to maintaining your health and body, and even safely performing the requirements of your job. Because the nature of your work is different than almost any other labor-intensive job, the requirements of law enforcement boots are far different than many typical work boots. You don’t carry a hundred pounds of equipment, as do military personnel, and so combat boots aren’t always the best fit for the job. However, your law enforcement boots must be light enough to allow you to be quick and agile, while being sturdy enough to provide support for an often extremely physically demanding job.

If you are in the neighborhood for new law enforcement boots, stay tuned for our list of things to look for:

  1. Look for Ankle Support

    Your podiatrist will tell you that due to the amount of time you spend on your feet (sometimes in motion), you should look for boots that rise above your ankle to prevent twists and sprains. Most standard-issue police boots are six to eight inches high, to accommodate officers of various heights.

  2. Find Boots That Suit Your Foot Arch.

    The most important factor you need to consider while choosing your police footwear is the arch support. Your arch support has an enormous impact on preventing foot, leg, and lower back pain. With arch support, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is determined by the shape of your foot and your arch. If you are able, try on a few different boots and figure out the type of arch support that feels right for your foot.

    The good thing is, arch support is one of the easiest aspects of police boots to fix if you get a pair that doesn’t seem to give you as much comfort as you need. Replacing the insoles is a quick-fix. If you have ongoing lower-body pain, it might be a good idea to visit a podiatrist for medical grade insoles that are developed for your exact foot.

  3. Consider the material of the boots.

    While purchasing boots for the job, look for a material that will be comfortable living with for the long haul. It might or might not be necessary to look for steel toe boots. In most cases, you want a light weight material that will support you through a wide-range of motion, including standing up for hours at a time, and running long distances. A flexible material that allows free movement while offering structure to support the ankle is ideal.
  4. Choose the lace-up technology that supports your foot best.

    Like the human race, law enforcement footwear comes in all shapes and sizes. The standard lace-up work boot might not be the most comfortable choice for you. Many work boot manufacturers suggest work boots with size zip technology for the most comfortable fit. Some work boot makers make police boots with both laces and side zips for easy access and removal.

  5. Choose the right sole.

    Many combat boots are designed for all-terrain use. However, the responsibilities of a police officer’s job often do not involve a lot of all-terrain foot travel. The design of the sole is perfect for it’s intended purpose but not perfect for the urban travel that police are more likely to take. Unlike boots designed for loose sand or soil, you want to look for tactical boots with good traction for walking and running on concrete.

    It’s also a good idea to look for soles that are puncture resistant, as walking in areas with broken glass and nails are a regular part of a cops job. Some tactical boot manufacturers even make police boots resistant to blood-born pathogens, as an added layer of protection from any hazardous material you may come across on the job. Electrical insulation and toe caps are also aspects of good police footwear that aren’t always incorporated in work boots.

If you are new to the post as a police officer, you might assume that any tactical boots will get the job done for your line of duty. And that is true. However, rather than just wearing boots that get the job done, look for boots that perfectly align with your needs and line of work.

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