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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Family Wooden Watches

Wooden watches for men

Wooden wrist watches are really making a comeback. If you need to buy a good gift for someone, this might be your answer. There are mens wood watches as well as wooden watches for women. There’s a lot of benefits to wearing one of these. It might sound odd at first because most people want flexible watches and you don’t think all wood watches would be that flexible. However, you would be surprised at what they can do with the material, these days. Here are a few things that you might find interesting regarding natural wood watches and how they are made.

All wood watches are going to be unique.
The reason why all wood watches are unique is because each one is crafted by hand. Wood is pretty particular so it is virtually impossible to have them mass produced like you can metal, plastic and rubber watches. The fact that each watch is handmade ensures that every single one is not only going to be different but is going to be of a very high quality. As long as the watchmaker takes pride in his or her work, these watches are going to be the best looking and functioning watches that money can buy.

The older it gets, the more beautiful it is.
Wood color and texture changes over time. This might sound like a bad thing but it is not. In fact, they don’t just change; they evolve and become so enriched that the watch will actually look better than it did when you first bought it. Plus, by wearing your watch, the natural oils from your skin will blend with the wood in the watch which will treat it and cause it to last a very long time. It is recommended to treat cutting boards and rocking chairs with various types of oil so that they don’t decay or split, so by simply wearing it you are taking care of it and treating it naturally.

They are very durable even though they are so lightweight.
Wood is probably the lightest material on earth and it is also the most durable. Right away, your wood watch is going to be far more comfortable to wear than a metal or plastic watch. Another nice thing about them is that they won’t rust in humidity or damp climates like metal would; they won’t melt in heat like plastic or get stick like rubber. Wood watches will pretty much maintain their integrity in all kinds of conditions and situations.

They are environmental friendly as well as economical.
All wood watches are obviously made of wood which is a sustainable resource. This means it is renewable and it grows naturally. Its low carbon footprint can be attributed to the fact that it takes a lot less energy to produce. Now here’s something you probably didn’t know; wood stores carbon dioxide in it from the air. So, essentially, when you are wearing a wooden watch, you are helping to get rid of these chemicals from all around you, making the world a safe place for you and everyone that is in your vicinity.

They go with anything.
It doesn’t matter what you are wearing or how you dress, a wooden watch would look good. You can dress them up or down so there’s no need to switch it out when you are going from work to a wedding. Even if you have a manually intensive job like a construction worker, it goes perfectly with your attire. But then, a business man in a suit with a briefcase could also pull it off. It’s such a versatile look that it always looks great on anyone that wears it.

If you are looking for a unique present for someone in your family, a wood watch could be just the thing that you should get. Because they aren’t very common, most people wouldn’t know to ask for them. They are one of those things that no one knows that they want until they have one and then they just fall absolutely in love with them. You may even need to start a collection for your recipient because each watch is different and they are going to need them all.

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