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How Offering Fabric Rentals for Weddings Can Boost Your Business

Wedding tablecloths

When operating a venue that caters to weddings, parties, corporate, and other formal events, it is essential to have linens as an option. Most catered events have fabric table clothes, fabric napkins, chair covers and more. Additionally, you need to be able to provide these items in a wide range of colors to fit the theme of the event.

Being able to offer your own fabric rentals for weddings and other events will create an enormous investment that is not likely to pay off for you. It would involve buying all the needed linens, which is a huge investment and paying for professional laundry services to ensure the linens are clean, crisp and fresh for every event. So what is the answer to this problem?

There are fabric rental companies for weddings and other formal events that you can contract with. The company can provide you with a catalog of their products to show potential clients. The rental company buys all the linens, so the investment in the product is theirs. They will deliver the linens to your venue and pick them up dirty after the event.

The rental company will launder the linens and ensure fresh clean linens are delivered every time for every event. Fabric rentals for weddings have to be perfect every time. A seemingly innocent stain can ruin that special day for the bride. It can also give your business a negative review or reputation.

In most cases, normal stains like spilled food, drinks or candle wax are expected and your business will not be charged extra by the rental company. When contracting with another company for fabric rentals for weddings, you only need to know the colors and the number of guests. The rental company will handle all the details.

If your brides need help deciding, it is always good to have some suggestions ready. For example, if the bride is looking for a vintage look, she may want to go with pink, gold, or peach. Chevron stripes, zigzags, and checkered patterns are increasingly popular for summer weddings.

The bride may also decide to go with a neutral backdrop so that she can get creative with florals, centerpieces, and glassware. According to a recent survey, the average wedding costs $196 per guest. That includes everything including the linens and decorations.

Weddings aren’t the only formal events that may include specialty linen. Graduation parties, corporate events, fund-raisers, and dances all tend to be more formal and will call for formal settings including cloth table covers and napkins, as well as possibly chair covers. Offering rental linens will expand your potential client base.

In order to be a successful reception venue, you need to be prepared to cater to a wide range of guests, with a wide range of celebrations, ideas, and themes. Contracting with linen rental companies is the most cost and time efficient way to offer your clients with the greatest selection at the best price. By offering linens rental, you are giving the bride one less thing to worry about.

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