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Keep That Smooth Look Longer After A Keratin Treatment with These 5 Tips

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If you are like most American women, you care about how your hair looks. Many women say a person’s hair is the first thing they notice about them. About 73% of women aged 18 to 24 told survey takers this. Many of us have had a least one hair style that we have regretted. At least three quarters of us can say that. Many women go in for a style change, just because we are bored. At least 61% of women say that. Whether you are in the market for a keratin treatment or a hair highlights, it always feels nice to visit a hair salon.

A keratin treatment is often done to smooth hair and get rid of unwanted frizz. The treatments can make frizzy hair more manageable and frizz free for up to three months. There are ways to extend the life of the look you get with a keratin treatment.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Hair After a Keratin Treatment:

  1. Keep it dry! For the first three days after you have your keratin treatment, you need to avoid getting your hair wet at all costs. This means you cannot wash it, go swimming, run out in the rain, anything that can get your hair wet needs to be avoided. Any water or other moisture can remove some of the keratin protein from your hair and that is exactly what you do not want.
  2. Do not put your hair up or back for a few days. Using a pony tail holder or any kind of barrettes can crimp your hair for a few days after the keratin treatment. The keratin itself makes your hair more malleable. Any clips or other accessories you put in your hair can leave dents in it. Your best bet is to let it lay straight and down for a few days to let the keratin to set properly.
  3. Pamper your hair with a silk pillow case. Most pillow cases can have some friction with your hair. A silk pillow case can help you avoid this. This will lead to a longer lasting keratin treatment and silkier hair for a longer period of time.
  4. Get the right shampoo and conditioner for your keratin treated hair. You should pick hair care products that are sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate-free. These compounds strips your hair of the natural oils that is has normally and will remove the keratin treatment that you just had put in. You can find shampoos and conditioners that work well after getting a keratin treatment at your salon and health food stores. They are much more gentle on your hair.
  5. Limit the products you use in your hair. After your keratin treatment, your hair will be in a better position to keep your style without you using other hair styling products. You can use a blow dryer or flat iron but the styling products that you normally use can weigh down hair that has been treated with keratin. These products also can make your hair look greasy or dirty and should just be avoided. You should find that you just do not need these products after you have had your keratin treatment.

After three months, get your hair treated again. The average time that a keratin treatment lasts is about three months. You can wait as long as you like but when you start to see the frizz return, it is time to head back to the salon.

Most women enjoy going to the salon for hair and skin care. It is nice to feel pampered. It is also nice to feel like you look your best. One way to change your look without changing too much about your hair is to get a keratin treatment. Your hair will look different but not unnatural. These treatments merely tone down the natural frizz that many people have with their hair. With the proper maintenance, you can really keep it looking like you just walked out of the salon for at least a few months. An added benefit to this treatment is that you really do not need to use styling products on your hair afterwards.

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