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Studies Show Vaping Helps Smokers Quit

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In the words of Mark Twain,”giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” It’s no secret that quitting smoking is hard, but there may be good news for the millions of Americans each year who fail to quit using gums, pills and patches.

What is Vaping?

Despite their name e-cigarettes, or ecigs, do not produce smoke. The term “vaping” comes from the harmless water vapor that is emitted when using an ecig or vaporizer. The eliquids inside of the vaping cartridges contain safe ingredients which are commonly found in foods. New studies show that smokers are 60% more likely to succeed in quitting if they use ecigs or vaporizers compared to other smoking cessation methods.

Vaping vs Smoking

Recently, about 2.5 million Americans have been enjoying ecigs. Vaping offers a familiar feeling to smokers who are trying to quit without any of the dangerous smoke and additives of tobacco. It is estimated that 7,000 chemicals are in tobacco smoke, 69 of which can cause cancer. This risk isn’t only for smokers, but also for nonsmokers whose risk of developing lung cancer is increased between 30-40% by being exposed to secondhand smoke.

Why Use Ecigs?

Unlike with cigarettes, vaping cartridges offer many possibilities for customization. Not only are there over 7,700 vape flavors, but vapers are also able to easily and accurately monitor and adjust their nicotine intake. There are several vaping cartridges that range from extra strength (24mg/ml), mid-range (14mg/ml)and all the way down to low (8mg/ml). This ability to modify the vaping experience can possibly aid quitting smoking. In a Belgian study, 44% of study participants had reduced their tobacco consumption or eliminated it completely at the end of eight months. With these numbers it’s easy to see why the U.S. e-cigarette market has ballooned to $2.5 billion in annual sales in course of eight years.

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