Why Custom Suits Are Better Value

Best custom made suits

Men?s fashions may appear more conservative, or even, dare we say, more boring, than women?s. But there are rules that must be followed, for the simple reason that they make sense. Men?s spending on their wardrobes actually exceeds women?s by a small amount. That?s because they have to meet some exacting standards. For any formal or work occasions, a suit is a must. A well fitting suit, that is. Custom mens suits speak of a person who is at ease in the world of good taste and whose judgement can be trusted.

Making a first impression
As visual creatures, humans react to visual clues. Fairly or unfairly, psychologists have found that people take a very brief period of time, just 7 to 17 seconds, to form an impression of someone they are meeting for the the first time. And more than half, or 55% of that first impression is based on the other person?s clothing.
Your choice of clothing gives other people all kinds of visual clues, that could relate to occupation, tastes and even opinions. Mens clothing tends towards the formal end of the spectrum, especially at work. Suits and jackets indicate both good taste and respect for one?s company and surroundings. They indicate someone who can be trusted and whose judgement is sound.

Dressing for success
Men wearing suits are seen as being more intelligent successful and confident. The wearers themselves share these opinions, and about two thirds or 66% of men say that actually feel more confident when wearing a suit. Some 62% say that feel more successful, and 43% also feel more intelligent in a suit.
Clothes don?t just affect the way that others perceive us, they also affect our own self-confidence and behavior. As many as two thirds or 75% of Americans feel that men who dress well are are more successful than those who dress casually. More than one out of five or 22% of men actually believe that if they dressed better, their income would increase. Dressing for success actually prepares you to succeed.

Custom clothing for a good fit
For the best mens suits, a good fit is as important as the material and color. Custom mens suits can match all three to your work, personality and goals. Tailored suits speak of care and planning, which are qualities that people find reassuring. When it comes to fit, subtle details matter.
For instance, the cuffs of a dress shirt should be be about two centimeters from the wrist, and should fit looser than a watch strap. Made to measure suits can achieve the exact fit that can be difficult to find in some sizes and shapes with off the rack choices . Not only do they fit better, they offer better quality and last longer.

Men?s clothing for the workplace and formal occasions is designed to inspire confidence in the wearer as well as other people. Custom mens suits, with their combination of the right fit, quality material and workmanship, clearly identify the wearer as a person of good taste and judgement.

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