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5 Unique Gift Ideas That Will Get You Through Wedding Season

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We’re heading into June, which means it’s wedding season. You probably have at least one — if not more — bridal shower or wedding on the calendar in the coming months, which means you’re probably scrambling to find gifts, especially if you want something a little more unique than a generic registry item. Here are five fresh, fun and special gifts perfect for any bride:

  1. Custom Jewelry

    Unique jewelry is almost always a welcome gift, especially if you know the bride well enough to choose a custom jewelry design that will accent her wedding-day or honeymoon attire perfectly. Remember when you’re doing your shopping that you can get awesome custom jewelry online — just make sure it really is custom and handmade, since not everything online is what it claims to be.

  2. A Travel Map

    The happy couple is about to start an incredible emotional journey together, but they’ll probably take some physical trips as well. Give them a beautiful map of the U.S. or the world, then provide them with pins and ribbons to track their travels. Their honeymoon can be the first pin!

  3. Cooking Classes

    You can take a little pressure off both parties involved by making sure both the bride and the groom can do a little cooking. A few sessions may even help them find a whole new hobby together.

  4. Home Decor

    If the couple will be moving into a new home together after the wedding day, consider a piece of unique artwork to brighten up their new (and probably very empty) living space. Just be sure to be considerate of their taste, since you don’t want to put them in the awkward position of using something just to avoid offending you. If their taste is a bit more laidback and down-to-earth, handmade barbed wire crosses are a great choice; if they’re a bit more sophisticated, consider something like a blown glass vase or chic bookends.

  5. A Spa Day

    Whether you’re looking to help the bride relax before the big day or wanting to give the couple an escape after all the stress of throwing a wedding, a spa day is a classic yet perennially appreciated gift that won’t clutter up their home or make the returns list.

What other unique gift ideas can you give a bride or couple that are a little more personal than your standard hand mixer? Share your ideas in the comments.


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