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The Top Three Points You Should Know About the American Flag Before You Fly It

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The American flag is an incredibly iconic symbol, but how much do you really know about it? Here are three points you should know about the flag before you fly it:

1. The Flag Should Have Three Points

When folded, an American flag must be folded in a triangular shape. That is common knowledge among anyone who owns the flag of the USA, but what isn’t common knowledge is that the triangular fold rule isn’t actually a rule. There is an official Flag Code that dictates how American flags should be treated from the flag store to the home. Nowhere in this flag code does it actually say that a flag must be folded triangularly — it is only military tradition to do so!

2. The Flag Must Be Lit Up When Flying

While a folded flag may not have as many rules associated with it, a flying flag is a bit more strict. Outdoor flags are, strictly speaking, only meant to be flown from sunrise to sunset. If they are properly lit up, outdoor flags are permitted to be fly at night. This applies to American flags specifically, not all custom flags, which is part of how people show respect for the nation.

3. Flying Upside Down is as Symbolic as Right Side Up

If flags are so specific about when they can be flown, surely they have stricter rules about how they are flown? That isn’t actually the case. American flags are allowed to be flown upside down as a distress signal. It’s kind of like a call to help when your life or property are in danger! What do you think about flags?

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