The Return of Burlesque

Push up corsets

Burlesque is back. Celebrity cabaret star Dita Von Teese, who was married to Marilyn Manson at one time, helped bring about a old school lingerie revival, featuring stockings, corsets… even suspenders. Burlesque themed costumes were big this year for Halloween and will continue to be a popular choice for holiday parties, but hard lingerie (corsets, bustles, and structured bras) is also seeing a revival in the bedroom, whereas soft lingerie (unstructured piece like slips, nightgowns, and panties) has never really faded in popularity. In fact, statistics tell us that Americans spend about 13 million dollars annually on lingerie. Either way, sales of strapless bustiers, platform stiletto high heels and push up corsets are on the rise.
A Brief Recap

  • Undergarments from the 1800s were usually modestly designed and manufactured from humble materials, but by the early 20th century, intimates were both functional and seductive.
  • Marilyn Monroe is a good example of someone that brought a curvy frame into vogue; before achieving fame in the following decade, she modeled for 1940s lingerie advertisements, which were still hand painted at that time.
  • Monroe and her contemporaries brought about the return-popularity of the hourglass figure, often achieved through the use of rigid foundation garments – corsets, stiff tulle petticoats, etc.
  • The 1960s saw a return to youthful, girlish styles and an increased emphasis on thinness; playful baby-doll teddies and frilly underwear came into popularity.
  • Moving into the 1980s, a return to the idea of provocative, luxury underwear and bed clothes began the cycle over again.
    From Betty Paige to Betty Boop, burlesque inspired clothing and burlesque themed costumes have captured our imaginations again and again, waxing and waning with our ideals of what makes for a provocatively sexy figure. One thing is certain – as a culture, we seem permanently fixated on getting dressed to get undressed. It’s what’s considered a seductive costume that changes.
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