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Have You Been Air Drying Your Hair All Wrong?

Add body to hair

Many of us, in an effort to save time in the morning and reduce the amount of heat damage done to our hair, simply leave our hair to air dry after showering. This is especially true for people who have recently gotten sew in hair extensions from a hair salon shop, as these hot fusion extensions are especially delicate and sensitive to heat styling.

And while air drying can undoubtedly keep your hair more healthy, there are certain air drying techniques that can have the opposite effect, causing breakage, split ends and dullness.

So have you been air drying your hair all wrong for all these years? Find out with this guide to air drying your hair for healthier, more beautiful locks every day:

Not all towels are created equal

The common bath towel isn’t exactly designed with your hair’s best interests in mind. The fibers in your bath towels will usually leave hair frizzy and unkempt once it air dries. Additionally, if you wear a towel turban after your shower, you’re putting tons of excess weight and strain on your roots and sew in hair extensions, which can result in breakage.

Don’t forget to detangle

After showering, it’s important to detangle your hair gently to ensure your hair dries evenly and retains its body. To avoid damaging your delicate wet hair, use a wide-toothed comb and avoid excessively tugging and pulling on your locks.

Take a hands-off approach

It can be tempting to touch your hair and adjust it once it’s done air drying. However, touching your hair transfers oils from your fingers into your hair, leaving an unpleasant greasy residue that bogs your hair down. By leaving your hair alone, you’ll make sure your hair stays light and full of body all day long.

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