Crazy Facts About Jewelry You Won’t Believe!

Jewels are treasured by their owners for their value and the adornment they provide when they’re worn. After a substantial period of use, jewels often need repair due to fatigue and the erosion of luster. Jewelry repair experts are the professionals that handle the repair and restoration of such jewels.

Jewelry repair experts are knowledgeable in how to repair jewelry and can handle jewel repairs, no matter the complexity. It takes jewelry repair experts between one and three weeks to repair a jewel painstakingly. The time it takes to complete a repair depends on the number of jewels undergoing repairs at a particular time. Most master jewels tend to have several repairs to complete each month. Common jewelry repairs include ring sizing, gemstone repolishing, clasp replacement, and chain welding.

Can a cut ring be repaired? Yes, it can. Cuts and breaks in a ring can be soldered using a flame. If the ring is too loose or tight, small metal pieces can also be added to resize the ring. Jewel experts also fix bent ring and reshape them properly.

If you need affordable jewelry repair, conduct research into the various jewelry experts at your location and ask for prices. A search engine inquiry could also come in handy.

Personalized wedding rings

Do you like beautiful jewelry? Whether your interests run to custom jewelry design or fashion jewelry, if you?re looking for bridal jewelry or personalized jewelry, here?s seven crazy facts about the bling we love that you won?t believe!

We Have Strong Feelings About Engagements

Listening, guys? Only 3% of women want to get engaged in public, especially in front of a large crowd. Most of them want it to be a private affair, and 61% of men consult their girlfriend before buying any engagement rings. It?s supposed to last a lifetime, so it?s important to get this right.

Some Men Want Bling, Too

Listening, ladies? Nearly 30% of men say they?d like to have an engagement ring, too!

Costume Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry Aren?t the Same

A lot of people talk as if fashion jewelry and costume jewelry are the same, but there are differences. They are both, basically, budget pieces designed to look like finer pieces but without the enormous price tag that lots of precious metals and gems bring to the table. But costume jewelry comes from the 1930s. The first pieces were personalized jewelry designed to look just like an existing, priceless, piece. The owner of the original wouldn?t want to wear it out where it could be stolen, so would commission a quality copy using cheaper materials to pass for the real thing.

Fashion jewelry started gaining popularity in the 1980s, as young people began buying it to make a fashion statement. Fashion jewelry is generally more playful than costume jewelry, and the trends change as fashion evolves. In fact, even many well-off women prefer fashion jewelry because they can have a quality look at a budget price, but won?t feel badly about getting new pieces when the fashion trends adjust.

The Award for Most Expensive Movie Jewelry Goes To?

Speaking of costume jewelry, it?s used a lot in acting. Sometimes, though, only the best will do, and apparently that was case for Nicole Kidman. She has the honor of having commissioned the most expensive piece of jewelry ever used in a movie. It was a platinum necklace with 1,308 diamonds and worth over $1 million.

What on Earth Do Karats Mean?

When you see the term karats on gold jewelry, it?s a measure of how pure the gold is. One karat is one twenty-fourth of a whole, so 24 karat gold is pure gold. Anything less is alloyed with another metal. Speaking of which, you can?t get pure gold in any other color but yellow. If you?ve bought pink or white gold, it?s been blending with another metal.

Jewelry Has Been Popular Throughout Human History

It?s definitely not a new phenomenon. The Aztecs loved turquoise pieces, and a lot of Native American jewelry still uses it. The ancient Assyrians wore huge necklaces of many strands, lots of ankle bracelets, and were quite excited about amulets. It was ancient Egyptians, and also Mesopotamians, who pioneered metallurgy and gem collecting, which makes them the origin of our modern jewelry trends; but even Cro-Magnon man was making personal decorative items from bones and teeth.

What?s the Oldest Piece of Jewelry on Earth?

Believe it or not, the oldest piece is made of beads carved from snail shells and is more than 100,000 years old.

Men Used to Wear Earrings a Lot More

Modern men feel free to wear them for the most part, but for a long time earrings have been considered mainly a ?woman? thing. In the past, however, men were avid earring wearers, until the Roman Catholic Church condemned body decorations in the 1200s. At that point men mostly stopped wearing earrings, except for pirates. They didn?t live their lives by church rules much, anyway.

We?ve been wearing jewelry for as long as we have history, and we don?t show any signs of stopping at any point soon. Now you know a few facts, but there are lots more. Research some yourself; you never know what you might find out!

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