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Wedding Jewelry Goes Beyond The Traditional Gold Rings

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Wedding jewelry is taking on a whole new look. While the bride may still boast a traditional engagement ring, Pandora jewelry offers rings, charms, and necklaces that are unique designs. Pandora charm bracelets can be seen on the wrists of the bridal attendants. So, wedding jewelry goes beyond just the rings for the bride and groom.

Charm bracelets commemorate special times in life. With a family Pandora charm or charms for mom, a charm bracelet is a perfect way for the mother of the bride to mark the special day. Brides offer their attendants a Pandora friendship charm as a thank you gift. Sold in over sixty countries in the world, Pandora bracelets, rings, necklaces, and watches can be the perfect accessory.

Pandora charm bracelets and wedding jewelry carry on a long-standing tradition. Nearly seventy five thousand years ago in Africa, shells were used as jewelry. And in Germany, mammoth tusk charms found from about thirty thousand years ago reflect the same sentiment. While the style of wedding jewelry and charm bracelets may change over time, the meaning and importance still remains.

Wedding jewelry can mark the union between a bride and groom. Or, it can reflect the friendship and love of family members and friends. No matter what the message, Pandora wedding jewelry offers choices for everyone. More on this.

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