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Getting Married Soon? Don’t Forget These Last Minute Details!

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When a wedding is just around the corner, the couple is scrambling to make sure every aspect of the event is perfect. But with all this commotion, it can be easy to forget some of the most important details. Instead of leaving yourself stuck at the altar, here are a few important details often left out in the scramble of wedding planning.

Bring Your Marriage License

You can’t make your wedding official without a marriage license. The process of applying for a marriage license takes about a week, so make sure to plan accordingly so you’ll be able to tie the knot on your intended date. Check your local jurisdiction to learn about what kind of deadlines there are for the wedding license application. When the big day comes, gather all your documentation into one place, so you can have everything you need to make the ceremony run smoothly.

Cover Your Seats and Tables

You’ve got your food, your drinks, and the flowers, so what else do you need? Your wedding tablecloths and chairs, of course! Weddings require specialty linens that are durable and add a special touch to your event. If you forgot to pick your wedding reception linens, consider looking into linen rental companies. These companies offer tablecloth and chair cover rentals for weddings, and will help you set up tables for the big day. And if you have messy guests, no need to worry! Linen rental companies will clean your rental wedding tablecloths at the end of your event for no extra charge.

Pack For the Honeymoon

The hustle and bustle that goes into wedding planning can make it difficult to think about anything else, including your honeymoon vacation. If you and your new spouse are planning a romantic getaway after your ceremony, you’re going to need to pack. Throwing your suitcase together last minute is a sure way to forget important items. The week before your even, do some research on the weather conditions of your vacation destination. You won’t want to pack after your big day, so do yourself a favor and pack ahead of time!

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