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Make a Positive Impact on Your Community Donate Clothing to Veterans Charities

Helping families in need

If you are planning to donate clothing and other household items to charities for military families, were you aware that The Military Order of the Purple Heart provides pick up services through GreenDrop? This makes it even more convenient for you to help military families in need by donating clothing, household textiles, and other items that can be worn or used again.

Recent figures show that roughly 95.4% of people in the United States engage in some type of charitable giving. This includes making clothing donations, volunteering, and purchasing items from veterans charities’ thrift stores. As a result of making these and other types of donations, The Military Order of the Purple Heart is able to provide much-needed health, education, and family support programs for veterans and their families.

Approximately 80% of the clothing that is donated to veterans charities is given to those in need. When clothing is sold in veterans charities thrift stores, the proceeds are also used to fund a variety of programs.

It is an unfortunate fact that 12 million tons of clothing and textiles are literally thrown away every year. These items end up in America’s landfills when they could be used again or repurposed. Current research shows that Americans only recycle or donate 15% of their used clothing. While they may throw away the remaining items because they are in need of repair or have other issues, it’s important to note that many of these items can be fixed or used for other purposes.

Fortunately, Americans do recycle approximately 2 million tons of used clothing every year. While an average of 10 pounds of previously-used clothing is purchased every year, less than half of recycled clothing is actually used again. The remaining 50% is used for industrial rags, couch stuffing, and home insulation.

Charities for military families provide a valuable service to veterans, the community, and the environment. If a larger percentage of the American populace were to donate, rather than throw away, their used clothing, just imagine the profound impact it could have on the lives of others.

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