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Wedding Planner’s Guide to Trendy Wedding Ideas for 2015

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Every couple is unique, so every wedding ceremony should incorporate the bride and groom’s distinctive style. As traditional wedding ceremonies begin to fade out, couples are looking to new trends to help create their dream wedding. Here are some of the most current trends that wedding planners have been following throughout the 2015 wedding season.

Linen Trends

Petals, rosettes, and lace are considered textured linens, are available as overlays or full linen wedding tablecloths. Textured linens for weddings add a touch of intrigue, and will really stand out in wedding photos. Other popular specialty linens include Chevron, zigzag, or checkered wedding tablecloths, which are great for a summer wedding with a rustic-chic style. To save some money on your special day, look into linen rental companies that provide tablecloth rentals for weddings.

Color Trends

The most popular wedding colors in 2015 have been palettes with soft, cool hues, pale pastels, and soothing neutral tones. To create a vintage, timeless look, incorporate colors such as blush pink, peach, gold, and neutral hues. To save some money, look at your local dollar store for party supplies, such as plates or napkins. Mix and match pastels to create a youthful look, or create a classic monotone feel with a mix of black and white.

Flower Trends

The trend of a ‘wild’ looking flower selection is continuing since it’s popularity rose in 2014. Brides are now incorporating more green into their bouquets, and choosing to leave the stems untrimmed for a more ‘natural’ look. The use of ferns, foxgloves, and small roses can gives you a wild, natural look. In addition, many brides have been replacing their tiara with natural flower crowns featuring large, blooming flowers such as hydrangeas.

Dress Trends

Brides in the 2015 season have been adopting contemporary designs into the traditional wedding dress. One of the hottest dress trends this seasons is the deep V neckline, which often reaches down past the chest. As the colder seasons roll in, brides have been opting to wearing a sweater wedding dress, which will keep them warm as they go down the isle.

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