Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2014

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Making a commitment to that special someone is a major step in anyone’s life. It takes a level of understanding, love, communication, and mutual respect, and a longing to be with that person for the rest of your life.

One of the most popular ways to do this is through a proposal, which usually means that it is time to find an engagement ring. When you go over your original proposal ideas, be sure to envision what kind of engagement ring you could see your significant other saying “YES!” to.

Here are few of the top trends this year that you may want to consider.

  • Rose Gold. While white gold and platinum have reigned supreme in recent years, different golden hues are emerging once again. Yellow gold is becoming popular for it’s classic look, but rose gold is shining through because of the hint of light pink that dazzles beneath the stone as well. Even if you choose to go the traditional route and get a diamond engagement ring, setting the diamond in a band made of rose gold will give the diamond a warm glow that will boost its appeal.
  • Recycled. When you think recycled, don’t think of a bunch of mismatched metals globbed together to made a patchwork-like ring. Instead, consider taking old, antique jewelry from your grandmother or grandfather, and having it melted and transformed into something incredibly unique for your future spouse to wear. This could be a great way to modernize a family piece, yet still maintain its historical significance.
  • Antique Style. Any groom or bride wants to feel as if his or her ring is special and one-of-a-kind. You can achieve this by jumping back a century, when antique fashions were in style. During the Depression in the 1920’s, people used to feature a center diamond by studding the perimeter with smaller diamonds. This made the central diamond look more grand. The style was created to save money at that time, but is also one way to fashion a unique design that is equally as stunning as a more typical ring.

So when you start browsing through jewelry stores, take a look at these designs and try to imagine what it would look like on your special someone’s hand. The one that strikes you the most will likely be the perfect ring. Read more.

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