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Why Workplace Safety Gear Has to be as Tough as the Workers Wearing It

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Industries like transportation, construction, public safety and waste management are essential to our safety and well being. The safety and well being of workers in these jobs is of the greatest importance. Workplace safety depends on proper training and equipment. Safety gear has to meet a number of requirements: viability, flexibility, disability and comfort. High visibility workwear, like orange safety vests and reflective pants, can save lives while giving workers the mobility and comfort they need to do their jobs.

Workplace accidents and injuries
Workplace safety is a serious matter. Some of the most hazardous industries for workers are construction, transportation and public safety. Proximity to traffic and heavy machinery creates risks for workers. Accidents happen, and they can be fatal. In 2015 alone, 4,836 workers were killed in workplace accidents. That’s a rate of 13 deaths every day.
Statistics show that accidents and injuries typically happen to new employees and younger workers. New employees are three times more likely to suffer injuries leading to time lost, according to the Institute for Work and Health in Canada. In 2013, nearly one third of time lost work injuries happened to workers who had been on the job for less than one year.

High visibility workwear offers safety
Workplace safety gear like high visibility workwear can play an important role in enhancing workplace safety and reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries. Depending on the job and the industry, safety reflected vests, jackets, gloves, footwear, and flashlights, can help in keeping workers safe.
High visibility workwear like safety shirts and reflective pants for work for workers in dangerous jobs like highway construction and public safety ensure that they can be seen clearly by approaching traffic, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Safety workwear has to be tough
High visibility workwear has to meet safety requirements for different situations. It must also be comfortable, because it has to be worn for long periods of time. It must be flexible, to allow workers mobility to work and to move freely. Depending on the weather, it must also be weatherproof and warm, allowing the wearer to withstand long hours working out of doors.
In fact, safety workwear has to be as tough as the workers wearing it. It allows them to complete their work in providing the essential services that all of us depend upon.

Workplace safety relies upon the proper training and equipment. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of workers and to maintain compliance with workplace safety standards. High visibility workwear in the form of reflective shirts, vests and pants enables workers to stay safe and comfortable for long hours, in difficult conditions.

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